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Small rental cars
Small cars 9 cars available 33.83€ cheapest price
Medium rental cars
Medium cars 3 cars available 36.53€ cheapest price
Large rental cars
Large cars 1 cars available 121.36€ cheapest price
Rental SUVs
SUVs 4 cars available 65.93€ cheapest price
Rental vans
Vans 5 cars available 384.20€ cheapest price
Estate rental cars
Estate cars 6 cars available 59.94€ cheapest price
Convertible rental cars
Convertible cars 4 cars available 120.55€ cheapest price

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Budget 5 cars available 33.83€ cheapest price
Avis 5 cars available 37.00€ cheapest price
Yes Car Hire 22 cars available 90.20€ cheapest price

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Pick-up location
Cheapest agency Cheapest car rental agency in the past 72 hours.
Cheapest price Cheapest daily price for car rental in the past 72 hours.
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Lagos car rental FAQ

What most people want to know when renting a car in Lagos

Most car rental agencies in Lagos will let you rent a car if you’re at least 21, and some will even rent to younger drivers. However, if you’re under 25, you might have to pay a "young driver fee." Each car rental agency has its own policy for younger drivers. Check information with the agency directly before you rent a car in Lagos.

The most popular car to rent in Lagos is the Ford Focus STW, followed by the Citroen C1 and the Seat Ibiza STW.

In the past 72 hours, the most popular car type to rent in Lagos is Mini.

You can find these agencies in Lagos: Budget, Avis, Yes Car Hire.

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest rent a car agency in Lagos was Budget with a price of 33.83€/day.

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest price for renting a car in Lagos was 33.83€/day. By comparing prices among a large number of car rental agencies, you can rest assured that you'll find the cheapest car rental offers in Lagos with us.

In the past 72 hours, the average car rental price in Lagos was 147.25€/day.

You can rent these car categories in Lagos: Small, Medium, Estate, SUV, Convertible, Large, Van.

Most agencies in Lagos have basic insurance included in the rental price. The basic insurance package limits your financial responsibility in the case of vehicle damage caused by a traffic accident, theft, or attempted theft, to the amount of the damage excess. You can add other insurance packages to reduce your excess. There may be situations where adding rental car insurance is worthwhile, so it's important to review basic car coverage.

Yes. Most car rental deals have a free cancellation policy. In most cases, you need to cancel your reservation 48 hours before pickup.

To rent a car in Lagos, you will need a valid form of identification (ID card or passport), a driver's license, and a credit card. It is very important that your driver's license and a credit card are in the same name as the main driver. Keep in mind that the local rental company in Lagos will reserve a certain amount on your credit card as a deposit.

Explore Lagos

Recommendations and tips

Lagos, on the Portuguese south coast, is renowned for its picturesque beaches with impressive rock formations and dramatic cliffs. Tourists flock to this Algarve city in their thousands each year to take in its history and culture, whilst enjoying its lively nightlife. The town dates back to Roman times, having been an important port of trade. During the Age of Discovery in the 15th and 16th centuries, Lagos was a huge commercial hub, as well as the port from which many of Portugal’s famous explorers set sail to explore new lands.

Nowadays, it is a popular tourist destination that draws people from far and wide. Popular sights include its defensive walls, Castle of Lagos, Lagos Marina and Ponta da Piedade lighthouse. There are plenty of activities for visitors too – including surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding along the unique coastline that can be accessed either by public transport or by car/bike hire. Those wanting to stay local can find Praia do Camilo (great for snorkeling), Praia Dona Ana (secluded amongst ochre-colored cliffs) and Praia da Batata.

Lagos, a lively coastal city in the Algarve, has something to appeal to everyone. Start with Praia do Camilo, a stunning beach with incredible ocean views made accessible via a staircase. From long, sandy beaches to small sheltered coves framed by ochre-hued cliffs, Lagos’ shoreline is nothing short of stunning. An especially breathtaking display can be viewed from Ponta da Piedade, with its distinctive obelisks and rock formations punctuated by caves and archways, where you can admire its rock formations or take a boat tour of the caves and arches. Within the city center, one can wander cobblestoned streets lined with traditional Portuguese pavement and go back in time to an age when the port was brimming with explorers setting sail for undiscovered lands.

Explore the ancient streets and alleys in the historic center, such as visiting the Church of Saint Anthony and Governor’s Castle. Sample some delicious local delicacies at the Lagos Municipal Market before dinner at one of the many seafood restaurants in town. End your day with a stroll along Avenida dos Descobrimentos, the scenic promenade which offers breathtaking views of the marina and sea. However, this is only a suggestion – go explore and enjoy Lagos on your own!

Traffic: When visiting Lagos, visitors should be aware of the speed limits: 20-50km/h in urban zones, 90-100 km/h on regional roads and 120 km/h on highways. It is advisable to signal when turning as not all drivers use their turn signals. Driving can be a pleasant experience for discovering the city, but some streets have restricted access for cars and parking fees may apply. Pedestrians can also be abundant in certain places, so take care when navigating. During summertime, since tourist traffic tends to be higher and parking options more limited, consider securing a rental car with GPS navigation for an easier commute. For those new to Lagos, it is important to note that there can be traffic congestion during rush hours (between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., or between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m.), which should be taken into account while making plans.

Parking: If you encounter a round sign with a white or blue center and red circle followed by a diagonal cross, that’s the “no parking” sign. Additionally, yellow and red lines across curbs will be visible indicating that parking is not allowed as well. To stay in line with traffic laws, ensure you are facing the same direction if you are parking on a one-way street. Furthermore, ensure your car is 5 meters away from road junctions and 25 meters prior to or 5 meters after bus stops. When it comes to finding somewhere to park, car parks often provide pay and display options as well as free parking opportunities. However, during the warmer months, it can be difficult finding space in urban areas. As an alternative option, try looking for an outer area of the city where there are more available spots – this allows you to skip driving through narrow roads while avoiding any potential fines! Free street parking does exist in residential areas, just remember that this won’t be possible in town centers or close to them.

When renting a car in Lagos, it is wise to book in advance for the best deals and availability of desired models. Compare prices at Visitteo – you could save 40% on car rentals! Consider opting for a ‘full-to-full’ fuel policy instead of ‘full-to-empty’, as it can be more cost effective to fill with cheaper fuel yourself. Ensure that you are aware of any scams where you pay for a full tank upfront only to return the car empty, as no money will be refunded for unused fuel. Read the agreement carefully to check what insurance coverage is included and understand all additional costs. Before taking the car, inspect it for any visible damage or scratches. Familiarize yourself with local driving laws, speed limits and parking regulations before setting off.

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