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Small rental cars
Small cars 434 cars available 2.51€ cheapest price
Medium rental cars
Medium cars 259 cars available 4.20€ cheapest price
Large rental cars
Large cars 356 cars available 5.97€ cheapest price
Rental SUVs
SUVs 412 cars available 4.29€ cheapest price
Premium rental cars
Premium cars 116 cars available 25.56€ cheapest price
Rental vans
Vans 167 cars available 21.18€ cheapest price
Estate rental cars
Estate cars 238 cars available 4.54€ cheapest price
Convertible rental cars
Convertible cars 36 cars available 7.45€ cheapest price

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Green Motion 28 cars available 4.65€ cheapest price
SurPrice Cars 39 cars available 5.27€ cheapest price
B-Rent 31 cars available 5.37€ cheapest price
Ecovia 32 cars available 5.85€ cheapest price
Target Rent 12 cars available 6.19€ cheapest price
ACE Rent A Car 40 cars available 6.74€ cheapest price
Sicily by Car 82 cars available 7.69€ cheapest price
CarWiz 14 cars available 8.25€ cheapest price
Optimo Rent 14 cars available 8.30€ cheapest price
Noleggiare 156 cars available 8.67€ cheapest price
Locauto 37 cars available 9.84€ cheapest price
Alamo 119 cars available 10.24€ cheapest price
Thrifty 81 cars available 10.73€ cheapest price
Keddy by Europcar 42 cars available 11.08€ cheapest price
Maggiore 45 cars available 11.73€ cheapest price
Drivalia 23 cars available 13.03€ cheapest price
Dollar 84 cars available 13.66€ cheapest price
Hertz 72 cars available 12.56€ cheapest price
Europcar 208 cars available 16.72€ cheapest price
Enterprise 116 cars available 14.17€ cheapest price
EconomyBookings 121 cars available 21.72€ cheapest price
National 93 cars available 24.96€ cheapest price
Drivalia 56 cars available 11.62€ cheapest price
Felirent 13 cars available 2.51€ cheapest price
GreenMotion 5 cars available 2.86€ cheapest price
Brent 13 cars available 2.97€ cheapest price
Surprice 15 cars available 3.16€ cheapest price
RentalPlus 15 cars available 3.86€ cheapest price
Autovia 18 cars available 4.09€ cheapest price
Ace Rent a car 14 cars available 4.31€ cheapest price
Vivarent 32 cars available 4.40€ cheapest price
Ecovia 20 cars available 4.50€ cheapest price
RentSmart24 2 cars available 4.54€ cheapest price
GaldieriRent 12 cars available 5.08€ cheapest price
Sicily By Car 10 cars available 5.59€ cheapest price
Automania 7 cars available 6.03€ cheapest price
Optimo Rent 11 cars available 6.27€ cheapest price
C RENT 27 cars available 7.14€ cheapest price
Noleggiare 110 cars available 5.98€ cheapest price
Locauto 22 cars available 7.84€ cheapest price
Maggiore 23 cars available 11.10€ cheapest price
Budget 14 cars available 12.92€ cheapest price
Avis 16 cars available 16.49€ cheapest price
Flexways 6 cars available 16.17€ cheapest price
Enterprise 8 cars available 21.16€ cheapest price
Masi Car 8 cars available 39.51€ cheapest price
SIXT 52 cars available 20.43€ cheapest price

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Cheapest price Cheapest daily price for car rental in the past 72 hours.
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Naples car rental FAQ

What most people want to know when renting a car in Naples

Most car rental agencies in Naples will let you rent a car if you’re at least 21, and some will even rent to younger drivers. However, if you’re under 25, you might have to pay a "young driver fee." Each car rental agency has its own policy for younger drivers. Check information with the agency directly before you rent a car in Naples.

The most popular car to rent in Naples is the Fiat Panda, followed by the Fiat 500X and the Jeep Renegade.

In the past 72 hours, the most popular car type to rent in Naples is Economy.

You can find these agencies in Naples: Green Motion , SurPrice Cars , B-Rent , Ecovia , Target Rent , ACE Rent A Car , Sicily by Car , CarWiz , Optimo Rent , Noleggiare , Locauto , Alamo , Thrifty , Keddy by Europcar, Maggiore , Drivalia , Dollar , Hertz , Europcar , Enterprise , EconomyBookings , National , Drivalia, Felirent, GreenMotion, Brent, Surprice, RentalPlus, Autovia, Ace Rent a car, Vivarent, Ecovia, RentSmart24, GaldieriRent, Sicily By Car, Automania, Optimo Rent, C RENT, Noleggiare, Locauto, Maggiore, Budget, Avis, Flexways, Enterprise, Masi Car, SIXT .

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest rent a car agency in Naples was Felirent with a price of 2.51€/day.

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest price for renting a car in Naples was 2.51€/day. By comparing prices among a large number of car rental agencies, you can rest assured that you'll find the cheapest car rental offers in Naples with us.

In the past 72 hours, the average car rental price in Naples was 39.70€/day.

You can rent these car categories in Naples: Small, Medium, Estate, SUV, Large, Convertible, Premium, Van.

Most agencies in Naples have basic insurance included in the rental price. The basic insurance package limits your financial responsibility in the case of vehicle damage caused by a traffic accident, theft, or attempted theft, to the amount of the damage excess. You can add other insurance packages to reduce your excess. There may be situations where adding rental car insurance is worthwhile, so it's important to review basic car coverage.

Yes. Most car rental deals have a free cancellation policy. In most cases, you need to cancel your reservation 48 hours before pickup.

To rent a car in Naples, you will need a valid form of identification (ID card or passport), a driver's license, and a credit card. It is very important that your driver's license and a credit card are in the same name as the main driver. Keep in mind that the local rental company in Naples will reserve a certain amount on your credit card as a deposit.

Explore Naples

Recommendations and tips

Naples is a city of color, emotion and supreme natural beauty. Nature has gifted Naples with an unforgettable gulf, an awe-inspiring volcano by the sea, luminous light, a temperate climate and lush vegetation. Lying in the heart of Mare Nostrum, it is quite appropriately known as an “outdoor museum”. Home to many civilizations since antiquity, it has been alternately ruled by duchies, kingdoms and empires. Reminders of their time here can be seen everywhere, from Ancient Greek walls to traces of the Roman Empire to Middle Age churches and castles, from religious cloisters to grand noble palaces with courtyards. From Renaissance architecture to works from the Neapolitan Golden Age (17th Century), Baroque and Roccocò styles – all left behind by past rulers including The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies with Naples at its capital. Unfortunately, crime, poverty and corruption remain prevalent in Naples, which has an unsatisfactory impact on its reputation. Visiting tourists should take care to be mindful of their surroundings for safety’s sake if venturing out here. Nonetheless, at its core, Naples is a city with well-known history and culture – despite its obstacles.

The city of Naples has plenty to offer – two royal palaces, three castles, and ancient ruins containing some of Christianity’s oldest frescoes. The National Archaeological Museum boasts the world’s finest collection of Pompeiian frescoes and mosaics, with Caravaggio masterpieces in the Pio Monte della Misericordia as well as Palazzo Zevallos. Additionally, Cappella Sansevero is home to Italy’s most remarkable marble sculptures and its many historical wonders are simply captivating. An illustrious past spanning back millennia, with tales of Greek settlers and Roman conquests that intertwine myth and reality. Fuelled further by the bounties of its volcanic soils, rich oceans, and classical culinary knowledge, Naples is an epicurean haven renowned for its sumptuous foods like spaghetti alle vongole and parmigiana di melanzane.

The attraction that you definitely need to visit is Pompeii Archaeological Site. The site has been preserved, almost as if in a time capsule, by the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius’ eruptions in AD 79. Artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum and sculptures and mosaics from both Roman and Greek periods are displayed at the Naples National Archaeological Museum. When in Naples, admire the Castel dell’Ovo, which was constructed in the 15th century on an island in the Bay of Naples, is a sight worth seeing.

Take a stroll down Spaccanapoli for some shopping or sightseeing, this main street runs through the center of town featuring many stores, restaurants and buildings. Culture vultures should be sure to check out San Carlo Theatre, one of Italy’s oldest operating opera houses dating back to the 18th century. Another must-see is Naples Cathedral which celebrates Saint Januarius with elaborate frescoes and sculptures adorning its walls. Capodimonte Museum is well-worth visiting too – housed within a former Bourbon palace there are a variety of pieces ranging from Renaissance times right up to present-day art.

Traffic: When in Naples, you may come across toll roads from the Autostrade Italian motorway network. So, to make your voyage around the city more pleasant and cost-efficient, plan your route using a GPS and avoid these fees by taking national routes – as they’re usually free of charge. Should you decide to use one of the toll roads, just be sure to have either a cash or credit card ready when reaching a blue exit gate – while gates with a white background take both cash and cards. Although it’s less extreme than Milan, still expect some delays that could add up to an extra hour or so to your journey. Last but not least, don’t forget that traveling through Naples also means considerable time traveling back in time! The streets of this beautiful old city center may be confusing if you don’t know them but fear not – as long as you have GPS navigation on hand.

Parking: When it comes to finding parking in Naples, you have plenty of choices. On-street spots are usually paid and may have time limits, but can be tricky to locate or inaccessible at certain times. Public lots are generally situated on the periphery of the city center, while private garages provide convenient locales but could be more costly. Park and ride arrangements enable drivers to leave their car outside the city and take public transport or a taxi where they need to go. Private garages often offer greater convenience but might be pricier than public lots, so check how much they’ll cost as well as their opening hours before setting out for your destination. Before deciding which method is best for you, do some research and use mapping apps if required.

Book your car rental in Naples in advance. Booking your car rental in advance can get you a great deal while guaranteeing the model you seek. Visitteo provides the option to compare prices, where you can easily save 40%. When renting a car in Naples, opt for the ‘full-to-full’ fuel policy for cost savings instead of the ‘full-to-empty’ fuel policy. Additionally, buy car rental insurance from the agency. If you get into an accident, damage the car, or get sued, extra insurance can protect you from financial liability. Before returning your car, inspect it for any damage or scratches and make sure it is filled up with fuel. Obey local driving laws, speed limits, and parking rules.

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