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Small rental cars
Small cars 49 cars available 29.31€ cheapest price
Medium rental cars
Medium cars 29 cars available 35.22€ cheapest price
Large rental cars
Large cars 8 cars available 52.56€ cheapest price
Rental SUVs
SUVs 82 cars available 45.12€ cheapest price
Premium rental cars
Premium cars 15 cars available 58.84€ cheapest price
Rental vans
Vans 11 cars available 67.46€ cheapest price
Estate rental cars
Estate cars 2 cars available 54.61€ cheapest price
Convertible rental cars
Convertible cars 4 cars available 54.74€ cheapest price

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SIXT 83 cars available 29.31€ cheapest price
Avis 15 cars available 36.30€ cheapest price
Enterprise 48 cars available 36.54€ cheapest price
Hertz 18 cars available 31.63€ cheapest price
Budget 36 cars available 32.33€ cheapest price

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Cheapest agency Cheapest car rental agency in the past 72 hours.
Cheapest price Cheapest daily price for car rental in the past 72 hours.
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Paris car rental FAQ

What most people want to know when renting a car in Paris

Most car rental agencies in Paris will let you rent a car if you’re at least 21, and some will even rent to younger drivers. However, if you’re under 25, you might have to pay a "young driver fee." Each car rental agency has its own policy for younger drivers. Check information with the agency directly before you rent a car in Paris.

The most popular car to rent in Paris is the Fiat 500, followed by the Volvo XC60 and the BMW X1.

In the past 72 hours, the most popular car type to rent in Paris is Economy.

You can find these agencies in Paris: SIXT, Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, Budget.

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest rent a car agency in Paris was SIXT with a price of 29.31€/day.

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest price for renting a car in Paris was 29.31€/day. By comparing prices among a large number of car rental agencies, you can rest assured that you'll find the cheapest car rental offers in Paris with us.

In the past 72 hours, the average car rental price in Paris was 80.09€/day.

You can rent these car categories in Paris: Small, Medium, SUV, Estate, Large, Convertible, Premium, Van.

Most agencies in Paris have basic insurance included in the rental price. The basic insurance package limits your financial responsibility in the case of vehicle damage caused by a traffic accident, theft, or attempted theft, to the amount of the damage excess. You can add other insurance packages to reduce your excess. There may be situations where adding rental car insurance is worthwhile, so it's important to review basic car coverage.

Yes. Most car rental deals have a free cancellation policy. In most cases, you need to cancel your reservation 48 hours before pickup.

To rent a car in Paris, you will need a valid form of identification (ID card or passport), a driver's license, and a credit card. It is very important that your driver's license and a credit card are in the same name as the main driver. Keep in mind that the local rental company in Paris will reserve a certain amount on your credit card as a deposit.

Explore Paris

Recommendations and tips

A visit to Paris is an unmissable bucket list must. Whether you’re after a perfect snapshot of the Eiffel Tower, lining up to see Mona Lisa, sourcing the tastiest croissants or strolling around Montmartre, the city boasts ample culture, art, design and history. Begin your journey at the iconic Eiffel Tower and take advantage of the early morning hours if you wish to avoid long queues. Stroll down world-renowned Champs-Élysées for some exquisite window-shopping and café hopping. Don’t forget about Arc de Triomphe at the boulevard’s western end either! Sample some French cuisine at a corner brasserie or café. You can’t leave Paris without visiting Louvre Museum. The museum houses many iconic works such as the Mona Lisa and Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Afterward, take a short walk to the nearby Jardin des Tuileries, an exquisite garden with fountains and sculptures. Spend some leisurely time at the gardens or take a peaceful stroll to take in its beauty. In the evening, head over to the Latin Quarter and explore its lively ambiance filled with restaurants, bars, and shops. Have a taste of classic French delicacies or try international cuisine for dinner. Later, travel to the Montmartre district where you can marvel at the breathtaking Sacré-Cœur Basilica located on top of a hill overlooking the city. Additionally, enjoy captivating moments with street performers and artists from this vibrant neighborhood. This excursion will give you an insight into some of Paris’ best offerings, although there are still many more exciting attractions and activities to explore!

When you’re looking for a car rental in Paris, Visitteo provides the best value. Compare major car rental agencies in Paris at the same time and save up to 40% with us. Having one driver is the best way to save money when renting a car. You can always add more drivers, but there’s typically an additional daily fee for each. Don’t wait until the last minute to book, reserving in advance provides a better selection and cheaper prices. Additionally, you may be able to get desirable car models and extras when booking early. Avoid renting GPS navigation from a car rental agency. Using your mobile phone and a free app such as Google Maps can help you stay on budget with navigation. Before setting off with your rental car, examine it carefully for any damage and take pictures or video footage if possible, report any damages you find immediately after dropping off your rental, as this will help avoid problems later on.

Navigating parking in Paris can prove a bit tricky but there are several available solutions. Street Parking is a possibility if you manage to locate an open spot, though this can be difficult and costly, particularly in busier parts of the city. There is also a wide selection of parking garages scattered around providing secure, convenient yet pricey options, it’s wise to explore them before heading out for your journey. Park and Ride facilities are another viable options for those planning on driving into the city, where you can park outside of Paris and use public transport during your stay, this alternative is often more affordable and efficient. Motorbikes have their own special area where they may be left without charge, this is exceptionally handy when riding two wheels to your destination. Ultimately, it behooves you to make prior arrangements when coming to Paris so that you don’t pay exorbitant costs or expending too much time trying to find parking spots. Proactive measures should help ensure a stress-free visit!

If you’re unfamiliar with Paris, navigating the city in a car can be intimidating. The roundabouts and one-way streets are particularly tricky. It’s essential to acquaint yourself with traffic laws, speed limits, and parking regulations before getting behind the wheel. To avoid headaches altogether, you can opt for public transportation or walking instead. It’s wise to explore the peripheral districts if you choose to drive since navigating downtown areas like the central arrondissements is a hassle due to heavy traffic and limited parking. You may want to rent a car equipped with GPS, this will make it easier to get around. To reduce time stuck in congestion, try avoiding driving during peak hours. And finally, make sure to drive patiently and courteously towards others when in Paris – don’t engage in aggressive driving!

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