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Small rental cars
Small cars 54 cars available 13.17€ cheapest price
Medium rental cars
Medium cars 33 cars available 17.11€ cheapest price
Large rental cars
Large cars 51 cars available 20.89€ cheapest price
Rental SUVs
SUVs 37 cars available 30.62€ cheapest price
Premium rental cars
Premium cars 2 cars available 65.63€ cheapest price
Rental vans
Vans 29 cars available 81.33€ cheapest price
Estate rental cars
Estate cars 47 cars available 24.11€ cheapest price

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Budget 5 cars available 13.58€ cheapest price
Avis 6 cars available 17.14€ cheapest price
Enterprise 1 cars available 21.46€ cheapest price
Carwiz 11 cars available 22.98€ cheapest price
GreenMotion 22 cars available 23.96€ cheapest price
Surprice 4 cars available 34.77€ cheapest price
AddCar 10 cars available 60.89€ cheapest price
Bosnia Rent a car 30 cars available 51.29€ cheapest price
Nur Rent A Car 28 cars available 51.29€ cheapest price
SIXT 24 cars available 13.17€ cheapest price
GoldCar 14 cars available 18.45€ cheapest price
Alamo 2 cars available 20.48€ cheapest price
EconomyBookings 8 cars available 24.34€ cheapest price
Green Motion 12 cars available 25.33€ cheapest price
CarWiz 8 cars available 28.65€ cheapest price
National 2 cars available 34.44€ cheapest price
Control Rent A Car 14 cars available 40.33€ cheapest price
Hyundai Rent a Car 22 cars available 50.16€ cheapest price
Kapitals Rent A Car 18 cars available 77.10€ cheapest price
addCar 12 cars available 129.22€ cheapest price

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Pick-up location
Cheapest agency Cheapest car rental agency in the past 72 hours.
Cheapest price Cheapest daily price for car rental in the past 72 hours.
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Tuzla car rental FAQ

What most people want to know when renting a car in Tuzla

Most car rental agencies in Tuzla will let you rent a car if you’re at least 21, and some will even rent to younger drivers. However, if you’re under 25, you might have to pay a "young driver fee." Each car rental agency has its own policy for younger drivers. Check information with the agency directly before you rent a car in Tuzla.

The most popular car to rent in Tuzla is the Skoda Octavia, followed by the Opel Vivaro and the Volkswagen Polo.

In the past 72 hours, the most popular car type to rent in Tuzla is Mini.

You can find these agencies in Tuzla: Budget, Avis, Enterprise, Carwiz, GreenMotion, Surprice, AddCar, Bosnia Rent a car, Nur Rent A Car, SIXT , GoldCar , Alamo , EconomyBookings , Green Motion , CarWiz , National , Control Rent A Car , Hyundai Rent a Car , Kapitals Rent A Car, addCar .

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest rent a car agency in Tuzla was SIXT with a price of 13.17€/day.

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest price for renting a car in Tuzla was 13.17€/day. By comparing prices among a large number of car rental agencies, you can rest assured that you'll find the cheapest car rental offers in Tuzla with us.

In the past 72 hours, the average car rental price in Tuzla was 99.81€/day.

You can rent these car categories in Tuzla: Small, Medium, Estate, Large, SUV, Van, Premium.

Most agencies in Tuzla have basic insurance included in the rental price. The basic insurance package limits your financial responsibility in the case of vehicle damage caused by a traffic accident, theft, or attempted theft, to the amount of the damage excess. You can add other insurance packages to reduce your excess. There may be situations where adding rental car insurance is worthwhile, so it's important to review basic car coverage.

Yes. Most car rental deals have a free cancellation policy. In most cases, you need to cancel your reservation 48 hours before pickup.

To rent a car in Tuzla, you will need a valid form of identification (ID card or passport), a driver's license, and a credit card. It is very important that your driver's license and a credit card are in the same name as the main driver. Keep in mind that the local rental company in Tuzla will reserve a certain amount on your credit card as a deposit.

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Recommendations and tips

Tuzla is in the northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the third most populous city. It boasts a wealth of attractions, including a long and illustrious history, thermal baths, natural beauty and numerous industrial activities such as salt and coal mining, as well as chemical production. Further to this, Tuzla is also an educational hub with various colleges and universities scattered across the city.

Bosnia and Herzegovina offers many poetic old towns and a blend of Ottoman and Austrian architecture – Tuzla is no different. As you wander through these streets made of stone, it’s easy to be swept up by the atmosphere – why not have a coffee in one of its atmospheric cafés? The main pedestrianized street called Korzo joins onto this old town replete with vibrant buildings from Austro-Hungarian times when locals, students and tourists alike will often come here for shopping or relish in one of the outdoor cafés.

Tuzla is a city full of attractions, from its thermal baths to its salt lakes – the Solana Tuzla for example. And it’s Old Town, with its Ottoman-style architecture and quaint cafés. Visitors can also visit the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For relaxation, tourists can spend time at the City Park, which has a lake, walking paths, and a playground. For a more educational experience, they could visit the Saltworks Museum. There are even more sights and activities in Tuzla that cater to different interests and itineraries. Also worth a visit is Turalibeg’s Mosque, which was commissioned by the 16th-century Ottoman Governor and urban planner of Tuzla. Its design is quite unique in Bosnia and the Islamic world.

A cultural center since 1949, the National Theatre is also significant to the city. Its season lasts from September to July, compared to shorter seasons of many other theatres found all over the globe, and its performances include art pieces, dramas and concerts. Another impressive piece of architecture is the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God, an Orthodox church with a soaring onion rooftop. Inside visitors can admire its three-level iconostasis, complete with colorful illustrations paying homage to religious saints. Moreover, Tuzla boasts three artificial lakes – Pannonica, Modrac and Bistarac. The main lake offers cascades and swimming areas.

Traffic: If you want to explore the area around Tuzla, driving can be a great option. Be aware, though, that some city center streets have restricted vehicle access and you need to pay for parking in certain places. The Old Town is typically packed with visitors, so keep an eye out for pedestrians when navigating its narrow streets. Driving in Bosnia and Herzegovina requires abiding by legal regulations, including speed limits – 30 km/h within city limits, 50 km/h in residential areas, and 130 km/h on highways. Furthermore, take note that many of Tuzla’s streets are one-way only, if you’re not paying attention you might end up going the wrong way! In the summertime tourist season, it may also be more difficult to find parking spaces. If you choose to rent a car, getting one with GPS may help with navigation.

Parking: Public car parks can be found at the center with payment via app or ticket machines. However, free spots may occasionally be located in residential areas away from the downtown area and can be helpful for visitors. It is important to keep in mind that certain spots may only be reserved for locals living in the area. Free street parking is possible but usually only in residential districts – not near or within the city center. So bear this in mind when searching for a suitable place to park your car.

Booking a car rental in Tuzla ahead of time is the optimal route for grabbing a good deal. The sooner you reserve, the cheaper you’ll get it. Be sure to give the car a thorough examination prior to signing, take pictures of anything you spot that looks wrong, and note them to the agency. It’s important to grasp their fuel policy too, some require that you return it fully while others will demand consumed gas. The best approach would be opting for one with a ‘full-to-full’ fuel policy, not ‘full-to-empty’. Avoid renting GPS navigation from car rental services. Many charge daily fees when getting a GPS, instead make use of your phone as one! Visitteo can help you save both time and money when searching for the right car at an affordable rate. Find some of Tuzla’s extensive rental selection here and compare prices to save 40%!

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