River Cetina – Hidden gem of Dalmatia

A mysterious and still insufficiently explored karst beauty, it is the largest river in Central Dalmatia. The nature around the river is often mentioned as one of the most beautiful in Croatia. The importance of nature protection in this area is very high and local green associations constantly take care of it. With its monumental canyon, this is one of the most beautiful rivers in this part of Europe. Along the river, you can see rapids, waterfalls, caves, and quiet parts of the river rich in flora and fauna.

A river that can’t get bored

The river Cetina is really unique and special.  With its magnificent canyon, it is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. In the last 20 years, it has become one of the centers for rafting and kayaking on wild and calm waters. The river is surrounded by small, quiet villages, and is extremely important for geological and archaeological research. It is also one of the cleanest rivers in Croatia, but also in Europe. River Cetina finds its way to the Adriatic Sea in the town of Omiš. There is no doubt that the towns and villages along the river live off the Cetina and protect its beauty.

River Cetina OmišThe river Cetina is undoubtedly one of the most attractive Croatian rivers. It is extremely popular for adrenaline activities such as rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. But there are also many amazing natural sights in the area such as caves, waterfalls, and other attractions. The river Cetina is surrounded by lush greenery, with many beautiful islands along the river. Here and there the river is completely calm and therefore suitable for a real vacation and escape from everyday life. You can also explore the area on foot or by bike while enjoying the impressive canyons that contribute to the unique ambiance.

Canyon of Cetina River

Rafting and kayaking

Rafting and kayaking have become recognizable brands of the Cetina due to the striking nature and proximity of the Adriatic coast. And it’s the best way to explore the thousands of years old canyon and the river itself. Crystal clear water and a temperature suitable for swimming make the trip a real experience. As you descend into the canyon the noise of the river becomes louder and louder. The crystal clear river suitable for swimming provides a real experience of untouched nature with its high cliffs up to 180 meters, waterfalls, lakes, underground tunnels, and 50 meters high waterfall Velika Gubavica. Rafting is 11 kilometers long and lasts about three hours.

Cetina, Rafting Omiš, CroatiaRiver Cetina canoeing

Source of the Cetina

It sounds strange, but to understand the beauty and power of the river Cetina, you must first go to its source. Often only the course of the river is explored, while the source remains hidden. In the case of the river Cetina, a journey to its source is an indispensable component if you want to explore the river. This magnificent spring flows at the foot of the Dinara, the highest mountain massif in Croatia. The source is also known as the “eye of the earth” because of its great resemblance to eyes with different shades of blue and turquoise. As seen from above, it is undoubtedly one of the most special and fascinating beauties of Croatia. This natural karst splendor leaves all visitors speechless.

Source of Cetina River, Church of Holy SalvationSource of the Cetina River, Croatia

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