Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Visitteo?

    Visitteo is a metasearch engine for vacation rentals. We connect you with the leading Croatian and foreign booking websites and show you everything they offer at the same time.

  • What is a metasearch engine?

    A metasearch engine is a search engine that combines various booking websites. Where you can simply compare their accommodation deals in real-time and book the perfect one that satisfies your wishes, and most of all, your budget.

  • Why metasearch engine for vacation rentals?

    There is a huge number of websites that provide accommodation booking services. We have noticed that quality research for finding the best accommodation deal through various booking websites makes it possible to save a lot of money. So we created Visitteo. A website where you can compare accommodation deals in one place.

  • Is Visitteo free?

    Yes. Visitteo is free and does not take any commission from you.

  • Where can I find accommodation by using Visitteo?

    By using Visitteo, you can search for accommodation in every region and town in Croatia.

  • How does booking work?

    Use search box and filters for fitting your desirable preferences. As soon as you find the accommodation you like, click on the offer. You will be redirected to the respective partner's website where you can finalize your booking.

  • What type of accommodation can I find on Visitteo?

    We have one of the largest accommodation offers in Croatia. Therefore, you can find houses, apartments, villas, rooms, hostels, hotels, bed and breakfast, and more. On Visitteo you can find your desired accommodation for the best price.

  • Can I trust the websites that cooperate with Visitteo?

    Yes, of course. All websites that we work with are serious and reliable companies that provide completely secure transactions. You can book your accommodation with absolute certainty.

  • Where can I book accommodation?

    After you have found the accommodation that you want to book on Visitteo, you will be taken directly to our partner to complete your booking.

  • How to use Visitteo?

    Simply enter your destination in the search box, set the dates for the period in which you want to book the accommodation, and we will show you all available accommodation deals in the desired period from all our partners at the same time. Customize your preferences by using the filters. Once you've found your ideal property, simply click on the property which redirects you to the partner’s website to complete the booking process.

  • Where can I cancel or change my reservation?

    If you wish to cancel or change your reservation, you can do that on the website of our partner with whom you have booked the accommodation.

  • Who can help me if I have any questions?

    For any questions, you should contact the partner's support team on the website where you booked your accommodation. Our partners are reliable and safe, and they will answer all your questions.

  • What if I need assistance during my stay?

    For any issues during your stay, you should contact the partner's support team on the website where you booked your accommodation. We don't offer customer support but our partners are always there to help you.

  • Can I list my property on Visitteo?

    No. Visitteo only advertises accommodation provided by its partners. If you wish to create an advertisement for your accommodation, you can do so on our partner’s websites. To guarantee that your property will appear on Visitteo.

  • How are you different from any other booking websites?

    Visitteo is a website that connects various booking websites. Therefore, it gives you a unique opportunity to compare a large number of accommodations, and find the best and most affordable option in one place.

  • Difference between the price on Visitteo and the partner's website?

    The price on our partner's website is always a valid one. A price difference can occur, e.g. due to problems in data transmission or if the partner changed the price since the last update. We try to do our best to prevent these mistakes.

  • Does Visitteo manage reservations and personal data?

    No. We are a comparison website. We don’t manage bookings and we don’t ask for personal data. You just have to choose an accommodation deal and we will redirect you to the partner website. They will be in charge of managing your reservation.

  • Does Visitteo help me with my booking?

    No. Once you find an accommodation deal, you will be redirected to one of our trusted partners, who are responsible for your reservation and will further help you. This means that Visitteo will no longer follow up on your further step with the booking.