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Small rental cars
Small cars 21 cars available 30.41€ cheapest price
Medium rental cars
Medium cars 11 cars available 37.46€ cheapest price
Large rental cars
Large cars 6 cars available 64.83€ cheapest price
Rental SUVs
SUVs 10 cars available 48.70€ cheapest price
Premium rental cars
Premium cars 1 cars available 177.57€ cheapest price
Estate rental cars
Estate cars 8 cars available 63.56€ cheapest price

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Hertz 5 cars available 44.52€ cheapest price
Locauto 11 cars available 48.47€ cheapest price
Avis 6 cars available 60.58€ cheapest price
Maggiore 6 cars available 61.45€ cheapest price
Budget 4 cars available 62.51€ cheapest price
Ecovia 9 cars available 68.84€ cheapest price
Autovia 7 cars available 77.38€ cheapest price
Drivalia 9 cars available 30.41€ cheapest price

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Cheapest agency Cheapest car rental agency in the past 72 hours.
Cheapest price Cheapest daily price for car rental in the past 72 hours.
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Parma car rental FAQ

What most people want to know when renting a car in Parma

Most car rental agencies in Parma will let you rent a car if you’re at least 21, and some will even rent to younger drivers. However, if you’re under 25, you might have to pay a "young driver fee." Each car rental agency has its own policy for younger drivers. Check information with the agency directly before you rent a car in Parma.

The most popular car to rent in Parma is the Fiat Panda, followed by the Fiat Tipo STW and the Jeep Renegade.

In the past 72 hours, the most popular car type to rent in Parma is Economy.

You can find these agencies in Parma: Hertz, Locauto, Avis, Maggiore, Budget, Ecovia, Autovia, Drivalia.

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest rent a car agency in Parma was Drivalia with a price of 30.41€/day.

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest price for renting a car in Parma was 30.41€/day. By comparing prices among a large number of car rental agencies, you can rest assured that you'll find the cheapest car rental offers in Parma with us.

In the past 72 hours, the average car rental price in Parma was 105.92€/day.

You can rent these car categories in Parma: Small, Medium, SUV, Large, Estate, Premium.

Most agencies in Parma have basic insurance included in the rental price. The basic insurance package limits your financial responsibility in the case of vehicle damage caused by a traffic accident, theft, or attempted theft, to the amount of the damage excess. You can add other insurance packages to reduce your excess. There may be situations where adding rental car insurance is worthwhile, so it's important to review basic car coverage.

Yes. Most car rental deals have a free cancellation policy. In most cases, you need to cancel your reservation 48 hours before pickup.

To rent a car in Parma, you will need a valid form of identification (ID card or passport), a driver's license, and a credit card. It is very important that your driver's license and a credit card are in the same name as the main driver. Keep in mind that the local rental company in Parma will reserve a certain amount on your credit card as a deposit.

Explore Parma

Recommendations and tips

Spend a day exploring Parma, a delightful city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy renowned for its historic sites, artistic legacy and culinary traditions. Start with a visit to the remarkable Parma Cathedral (Duomo di Parma), which has stood since the 11th century. Marvel at its spectacular Gothic architecture and check out artwork like Correggio’s frescoes inside. Then, head over to the sublime Baptistery of Parma, another splendid example of Romanesque architecture boasting beautiful frescoes and an uncommon octagonal shape.

Have a leisurely stroll around the quaint streets of the old town and soak up the atmosphere in Piazza Garibaldi, a vibrant square where you can sit down for coffee or gelato while people-watching. Later, why not sample some regional specialties like prosciutto di Parma or Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese? You’ll find plenty of cafés and restaurants in the city center for lunch. Additionally, give a visit to National Gallery where you can admire works by Italian masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. Then take in the historical beauty of the Farnese Theatre, an 18th-century theatre.

Wander along the banks of the Parma River and let yourself be enraptured by its lush green spaces, like the Parco Ducale, with its lovely gardens, fountains and walking paths. After that, make your way to a traditional trattoria for some delicious local cuisine accompanied by a glass of Lambrusco, produced in the surrounding region. Finally, complete your tour with a trip to Palazzo della Pilotta – an opulent palace housing several museums and galleries. To end your day, immerse yourself in a performance at Teatro Regio di Parma which is internationally renowned for opera and other arts such as classical music and ballet. Of course, there are many more ways to experience this wonderful destination. Why not explore one of its many museums, take a cooking class or even venture into the countryside?

When it comes to saving on car rental in Parma, Visitteo is the best place to start your journey. Compare prices among multiple agencies at once and you’ll often save up to 40%. Stick to one driver, the cost of renting a car usually includes one driver, and you can add more but there’s usually a daily fee for each additional one. You’ll get the best value if only one person is driving, so long as it makes sense and is safe to do so. When returning the car, make sure you fuel it up beforehand as rental agencies can charge exorbitant rates for this service. Plan ahead and book early, that way you’ll have more choices of car models and extras at a cheaper rate. Another handy tip is to bring your own navigation system, using mobile applications such as Google Maps is an excellent way of staying within budget. Last but not least, before taking off in your rental car check for any existing damage, take photos or videos to use as evidence, then report any new damage immediately after returning it. This will help avoid any possible disputes or penalties from the agency later on.

The historic city center is off-limits for general traffic and only authorized vehicles can enter, so it’s best to park outside of the restricted zone and either walk or use public transportation. There are two types of parking options – blue zones and white zones. Blue zones require payment for parking through nearby meters or via a mobile app, whereas white zones are free but often hard to find, especially in the city center. Parking garages offer convenient and secure parking but come at a cost, with some popular facilities including Parcheggio Toschi, Parcheggio Cittadella, and Parcheggio Della Pilotta. On-street spaces may be available too, although these adhere to the same regulations as blue zones. Be sure to observe all signs and guidelines when parking in Parma so that you don’t get fined or have your car towed away. To avoid these risks, consider walking or using public transport where possible.

Parma is a relatively small city, but traffic can get heavy at peak hours, especially in the downtown area. To make your trip easier, you should plan your route ahead and leave extra time if you have to drive during rush hour (8:00 –10:00 a.m. and 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.). The ZTL (Limited Driving Zone) in the city center may also cause delays, so be sure to alter your journey if don’t have permission to travel there. Public transport is available too so why not hop on a bus or a Trolleybus for stress-free travel? Bikers and pedestrians are well catered for with plenty of bike lanes and car-free streets making it easy to explore the city. To avoid any confusion or fines, brush up on local traffic regulations and parking rules before traveling. A GPS might come in handy when navigating the city so you can easily find out about any special restrictions in certain areas. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have an enjoyable time as you explore Parma without having to worry about beating the traffic!

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