The 10 best hotels in Podgorica, Montenegro for 2024

Best hotels in Podgorica

Hotels in Podgorica are not just places to stay, they are portals to a city where elegance meets Montenegrin spirit, creating a tapestry of unique hospitality.

In the heart of Podgorica, hotels weave tales of urban elegance, offering more than mere accommodation. Hotels in Podgorica are a symphony of modern comfort and Montenegrin charm, where city lights dance on panoramic windows. From boutique hotels to sprawling luxury, hotels in Podgorica are not just lodgings but gateways to the city’s vibrant soul. With a blend of historic allure and contemporary flair, they stand as personalized canvases, each stroke depicting a unique hospitality masterpiece in this evolving Montenegrin metropolis.

Millennium Bridge, Podgorica

1. Hilton Podgorica

Hilton Podgorica

Nestled in the heart of Podgorica, the Hilton Podgorica, a city landmark formerly known as Hotel Crna Gora, stands tall and fully renovated. A swift stroll takes you to government offices, embassies, downtown, banks, sports venues, and city parks. Not to mention the expansive event space and the city’s largest spa. The business center, well-equipped and offering free WiFi, caters to the needs of the discerning traveler. For a delightful break, Terrace Fontana beckons with coffee and delectable homemade pastries. This fully renovated haven also boasts an excellent spa center, adding an extra layer of comfort to your stay.

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2. Hotel Bristol

Hotel Bristol Podgorica

Hotel Bristol has a modern interior with refined luxury and spacious and luxuriously furnished rooms. Spacious elegantly equipped restaurants with a large number of places where you can enjoy alone, with friends and family, or with business partners. An ideal combination for pleasure and work, whether it is a restaurant on the ground floor or on the top floor of the hotel because both will leave a great impression on you. You can enjoy a spa with a jacuzzi, a sauna, a massage parlor, and a well-equipped gym. Additional hotel facilities and friendly and impeccable staff will only add to your experience of staying at Hotel Bristol.

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3. Hotel Hemera

Hotel Hemera

Hemera is a boutique hotel that offers a unique culinary experience and understated luxury. Its charming, unpretentious style and refined design make it a magnificent hotel to stay when in Podgorica. Situated in the heart of Podgorica, Hotel Hemera is not only known for its excellent service and cozy accommodations but also for making you feel welcome and encouraging you to return time and time again. Let her embrace you, for Hemera is the ancient goddess of light, after whom the hotel was named. The hotel Hemera’s visual identity is easily recognized by its predominant feature, rustic industrial design mixed with elements of high-tech technologies.

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4. Boscovich Boutique Hotel

Boscovich Boutique Hotel, best hotels podgorica, montenegro

Situated in the center of Podgorica, the Boscovich Boutique offers 30 opulent rooms for guests to unwind in. Luxurious lodging units are not the only feature of this hotel, its restaurant and bar, situated at the hotel’s entrance, offer guests the special opportunity to savor dishes from Boscovich’s cuisine. In the most genuine area of Podgorica, there is also a summer garden that faces the city’s center. Thanks to the warm welcome you receive, Hotel Boscovich is not only known for its excellent service and comfort but also for being a place you will always return to.

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5. Signum Hotel Podgorica

Signum hotel, podgorica, montenegro

Step into the welcoming embrace of Signum Hotel. Situated in a serene corner of Podgorica, it offers a retreat with breathtaking city vistas. After a bustling day, find solace and rejuvenation in the comfort of Signum Hotel, whether unwinding from business endeavors or exploring Montenegro’s coastal and mountain treasures. Every room is thoughtfully equipped with air conditioning, a desk, a city-view terrace, a private bathroom, and a flat-screen TV. For added convenience, each guest room provides a closet and an electric tea kettle. Begin your day with a Full English/Irish, American, or vegetarian breakfast served daily. Elevating the experience, Signum Hotel offers 4-star accommodations complete with a soothing sauna.

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6. Hotel CUE Podgorica

Hotel CUE Podgorica

It’s been said that CUE is Podgorica’s most inspirational hotel. The hotel, which is superbly situated in the Capital Plaza complex in the center of Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, offers a brand-new experience in hospitality infused with a magnificent sense of casual elegance. Every experience, from a quick vacation to a crucial business meeting, is enhanced by wonderful lodging, coziness, and a wide variety of pubs and restaurants. CUE Podgorica invites you to experience the hidden gems of this place that will inspire cross-cultural interactions among visitors. You’re invited to open up in this stimulating environment and fully engage with the real.

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7. Hotel Aurel

Hotel Aurel

Hotel Aurel promises a memorable stay. The hotel is modern and simple, but remarkably sophisticated at the same time. Situated close to the city center in Podgorica’s newly constructed business district, it is the perfect place for both business and leisure travelers. Superbly roomy spaces combine the latest technological innovations with a cozy, comfortable ambiance. The hotel features a fully equipped gym, a spa with a jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room, and an “a la carte” restaurant with a terrace. Extra hotel amenities and first-rate service are available to enhance your already wonderful stay. Whatever the purpose of your stay, the hotel is dedicated to making you feel completely satisfied.

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8. Ramada by Wyndham Podgorica

Ramada by Wyndham Podgorica

Discover the allure of Hotel Ramada Podgorica, strategically nestled in the city’s beating heart, just a leisurely stroll away from historic and cultural gems, vibrant shops, and charming cafes. Seamlessly connected to major routes, the hotel offers easy access, with Podgorica Airport a mere 15-minute drive away. Your Podgorica experience is elevated by the warmth of local hotel staff and the impeccable high-quality services provided. As a proud member of the Wyndham Hotels Group, Hotel Ramada Podgorica stands as the city’s inaugural branded hotel, exemplifying a commitment to excellence in hospitality. Immerse yourself in a stay that seamlessly blends comfort, convenience, and cultural richness.

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9. Perla Residence Hotel & SPA

Perla Residence Hotel & SPA

Embark on a journey where comfort meets luxury at Perla Residence Hotel & SPA, Podgorica’s newest haven. From the instant you arrive, space is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of home, be it a brief sojourn or an extended stay. Delve into the opulence of rooms and suites, savor culinary delights in the restaurant and café bar, rejuvenate at the fitness and massage center, or convene in the meeting room. Noteworthy is the fully equipped summer terrace. Graced with four stars Hotel Perla encompasses a total of 150 beds, including adjacent annexes to the central building.

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10. Hotel Ziya

Hotel Ziya, best hotels Podgorica

In the urban landscape, hotel Ziya stands as a contemporary oasis, a secure haven catering to diverse travelers. It’s a rare hotel, akin to one’s home, where the embrace of safety and the promise of restful sleep prevails. What sets this hotel apart from the rest? Why does its essence transcend the mere luxury tag? This hotel pursued an elevated standard, crafting a distinct reputation as one of Podgorica’s premier hotels. Here, the pursuit of quality isn’t just a goal, it’s a commitment that distinguishes it from the commonplace. Marking it as a beacon of hospitality in the cityscape.

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Best hotels in Podgorica FAQ

What are the best hotels in Podgorica close to the city center?
Some of the most popular hotels close to the city center include Hilton Podgorica, Hotel New Star, and Hotel Podgorica.

What are the best luxury hotels in Podgorica?
Popular luxury hotels in Podgorica include Hilton Podgorica, Hotel Hemera, and Hotel Bristol.

What are the best cheap hotels in Podgorica?
Popular cheap hotels in Podgorica include Hilton Podgorica, Hotel Aurel, and Hotel Kerber.

Which hotels in Podgorica are good for families?
Many families that traveled to Podgorica enjoyed staying at CUE Podgorica, Hotel Aurel, and Perla Residence Hotel & SPA.

Which hotels in Podgorica are good for couples?
Hotels in Podgorica that are highly rated by couples include Signum Hotel, Hotel Bristol, and Hotel Hemera.

What are the best hotels with a spa in Podgorica?
Hotels that received excellent reviews for the best spa center in Podgorica include CUE Podgorica, Hilton Podgorica, and Hotel Aurel.

What are the best hotels with a pool in Podgorica?
The best hotels with a pool include Hilton Podgorica, IHG Hotel, and Perla Residence Hotel & SPA.

Which hotels in Podgorica allow pets?
Pet-friendly hotels in Podgorica include Eminent Hotel and Hotel Aurel.

Learn more about Podgorica

Podgorica is a city of contrasts, with modern architecture coexisting with remnants of the past. Discover the city’s history through its iconic Clock Tower, mosques from the Ottoman era, and the ruins of the ancient city of Doclea. Explore Podgorica’s rich cultural legacy by going to galleries, museums, and historic sites that highlight the intriguing past of Montenegro. A vibrant blend of modernity, culture, and history can be found in the city.

Podgorica, Montenegro’s vibrant capital, often overlooked in favor of the country’s scenic beaches and rugged mountains, unveils a harmonious fusion of nature and modernity. The iconic Millennium Bridge gracefully spans the Morača River, emblematic of the city’s contemporary spirit.

Nestled in Montenegro’s heart, Podgorica’s lush mountains and the convergence of Ribnica and Moraca rivers provide a scenic backdrop. For the intrepid, Lake Skadar National Park beckons just beyond city limits, revealing medieval monasteries and the untamed beauty of Mediterranean wildlife.


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