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The 10 best hotels in Kotor, Montenegro

Hotels in Kotor, perched on the edge of history, offer a symphony of comfort amid the echoes of ancient stone and the Adriatic’s gentle lullaby.

Between steep mountains and the azure waters of the Adriatic, hotels in Kotor promise an enchanting escape. Characterized by a blend of medieval charm and modern comfort, hotels in Kotor transport guests to a world where cobblestone streets wind through a gorgeous old town, revealing centuries of history while providing a luxurious retreat with stunning views of the bay.

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Kotor Montenegro

Best hotels in Kotor

1. Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort

Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort

© Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort

The hotel is located along the shores of Boka Bay, within a few minutes of walking from the iconic enchanting old town of Kotor. Unwind in body, mind, and soul through personalized treatments at the exclusive Spa Soul, the only one of its kind in the region. Whether you prefer the fitness center, steam room, or sauna, each offers a scenic view, while a heated indoor swimming pool affords a magnificent panorama view of the bay. Indulge in Hammam and spa rituals, as you embrace the unforgettable peace and tranquility, absorbing the stunning vistas of Kotor Bay and the encompassing mountains.

2. Huma Kotor Bay Hotel and Villas

Huma Kotor Bay Hotel and Villas, best hotels Kotor, montenegro

© Huma Kotor Bay Hotel

In Montenegro’s captivating Kotor Bay, Huma Kotor Bay Hotel and Villas beckon as a sophisticated haven, seamlessly blending opulence, panache, and the allure of nature. Indulge in the Spa center, state-of-the-art gym, outdoor pools, and private beach. Huma’s range of chic rooms, suites, and villas prioritize supreme comfort and tranquility, catering to diverse travelers seeking a fusion of elegance and contemporary amenities. Immerse yourself in the philosophy while drinking wine and dining in a hotel restaurant, where the emphasis lies on a passion for locally sourced ingredients and innovative twists on traditional Montenegro cuisine. Your next home away from home, where sophistication meets serenity.

3. Hotel Aurel Coast

Hotel Aurel Coast

© Hotel Aurel Coast

Immersed in a modern, Mediterranean ambiance, bathed in light and hues, Hotel Aurel Coast serves as a gateway to the boundless beauty of this extraordinary locale, extending a warm welcome steeped in genuine care. The current repertoire boasts 37 rooms and suites. Hotel Aurel Coast, a 4-star haven, provides not just accommodation but an experience, complete with a shared lounge, complimentary parking, and a restaurant. Awaken your senses with a continental breakfast each morning at Hotel Aurel Coast, a testament to the hotel’s devotion to your holistic experience. Whether your visit is driven by leisure or business, the hotel’s commitment rests on ensuring your absolute satisfaction.

4. Art Hotel Galathea

Art Hotel Galathea, hotels kotor

© Art Hotel Galathea

Occupying an 18th-century stone edifice, Art Hotel Galathea seamlessly intertwines tradition with contemporary comfort. Just a stone’s throw from Prčanj’s beach, this haven captivates with rustic charm and modern amenities. Every room boasts rustic decor, adorned with stone wall accents. Immerse yourself in the fusion of old-world aesthetics and modern luxury. Each unit is equipped with essential amenities – safe, fridge, and mini-bar. Select rooms elevate the experience with a cozy seating area, a furnished patio, and a bathroom featuring a soothing spa bath. Art Hotel Galathea is a place where history meets indulgence on the shores of Kotor.

5. Hotel Forza Terra

Hotel Forza Terra

© Hotel Forza Terra

Step into a new realm of escapism at Forza Terra, an exquisite five-star boutique hotel in Kotor. The captivating design of the hotel’s ten luxury rooms and two suites pays homage to tradition, with top-notch materials and fabrics that once traversed the seas to reach nearby ports from all corners of the globe. Drawing inspiration from Montenegro’s textile-rich heritage, each suite and room mirrors the aesthetics of esteemed fashion houses, promising a stay adorned with opulent details and contemporary comforts. Forza Terra’s commitment to your well-being shines through outdoor and indoor pools, a wellness area featuring authentic Roman-style baths, a tepidarium, a Finnish sauna, and a fully equipped gym.

6. Boutique Hotel R Palazzo

Boutique Hotel R Palazzo, Kotor, Montenegro

© Boutique Hotel R Palazzo

In the heart of Kotor, Boutique Hotel R Palazzo welcomes guests where refined accommodation meets unparalleled amenities. This 4-star hotel boasts a restaurant, free private parking, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, and an inviting bar. Revel in mountain views from each accommodation, extending the luxury to include access to a meticulously curated garden and a charming terrace. With a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, and room service the hotel ensures convenience at every turn. Delight in breakfast options ranging from continental dishes to a sumptuous buffet. Embrace leisure by the beautiful pool, savoring a variety of refreshing drinks from the hotel’s inviting bar.

7. Boutique Hotel Astoria

Boutique Hotel Astoria

© Boutique Hotel Astoria

Boutique Hotel Astoria in Kotor stands as a harmonious blend of historical authenticity and contemporary architectural brilliance. Housed within the 13th-century palace of the esteemed Buća family, this four-star gem resides in the Old Town’s very core – a place where echoes of the past softly converse with those willing to listen. Positioned at the epicenter of events, major attractions are a mere five-minute stroll away. Unwind on the enclosed terrace, commanding a view of ancient walls. Absorb the vibrant ambiance of Kotor’s squares from the hotel’s front terrace. Boutique Hotel Astoria deserves its place on our list of best hotels in Kotor.

8. Palazzo Radomiri Heritage Boutique Hotel

Palazzo Radomiri Heritage Boutique Hotel

© Palazzo Radomiri Heritage Boutique Hotel

On the shores of Boka Bay, Palazzo Radomiri is an authentic boutique hotel. This charming hotel resides within a resplendent early 18th-century Baroque palace. This boutique hotel has mooring facilities as well. Meticulously preserving the original aesthetics, the building seamlessly fuses historic charm with contemporary design and functionality. Bask in the Mediterranean ambiance from a traditionally adorned room, featuring exposed stonewalls and captivating views of the bay. Whether sipping a refreshing drink in beautiful lounges, sun-soaking on the pier, reclining on terraces, or indulging in the hotel’s pool, Palazzo Radomiri beckons with a blend of history and modern allure.

9. Boutique Hotel Hippocampus

Boutique Hotel Hippocampus, hotels kotor

© Boutique Hotel Hippocampus

Embark on a journey into opulence and 21st-century design with nine remarkable rooms and suites, offering a glimpse into the ancient Mediterranean world. Witness the seamless marriage of history and modernity as original 17th-century stone walls coexist with stones imported from Nepal. Oakwood, expansive ceramic, and contemporary materials grace the floors, crafting an exquisite tapestry beneath your feet. Adding a touch of aristocracy, apartment doors, and cabinets are adorned with gold leaf, while bathroom doors exude sophistication through matte safety glass. Each space within this hotel unfolds a narrative, a testament to the fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary allure.

10. Hotel Vardar

Hotel Vardar

© Hotel Vardar

At the Old City of Kotor’s entrance, Hotel Vardar graces the main square, steeped in a legacy of enduring hospitality. Continuing this storied tradition, the meticulously reconstructed and renovated Hotel Vardar opens its doors to those seeking a genuine vacation, unparalleled service, and absolute contentment. Achieving the pinnacle of a five-star rating, the renewed Hotel Vardar seamlessly integrates timeless charm with contemporary design. A fusion of old and new manifests in an extraordinary manner, epitomized by room comfort, an array of services, and an unwavering commitment to detail. Crafted with the utmost dedication, the hotel’s principle is to gratify the most discerning guests, fulfilling their every whim.

Learn more about Kotor

Kotor, akin to a ship anchored amid the solemnity of gray mountains and the expanse of the sea, conceals its life behind formidable ramparts. These bulwarks, seemingly eternal, extend like rock tendrils along the hills, culminating at the ancient fortress overseeing the town. Ancient squares coexist with modern cafes, serenades harmonizing with live music, and footsteps echoing through narrow cobblestone alleys while cats lazily purr beneath balconies adorned with wrought iron railings and petunias.

Nestled within the captivating Bay of Kotor, in the southwestern expanse of Montenegro, Kotor stands as an epitome of beauty and historical prominence. This city, adorned with a rich cultural tapestry and framed by the breathtaking allure of Mediterranean landscapes, unfolds an unparalleled experience for global tourists.

Kotor is renowned for its traditional cuisine, featuring superb offerings like black risotto, seafood stew, and savory meat pie. The Bay of Kotor, a natural marvel, unfolds crystal-clear waters, majestic mountains, and enchanting islands. Embraced by these awe-inspiring landscapes, Kotor beckons outdoor enthusiasts to partake in activities such as hiking, swimming, and sailing, completing the mosaic of experiences within this extraordinary city.

Best hotels in Kotor FAQs

Some of the most popular hotels close to the Old Town include Hotel Astoria, Hotel Vardar, and Hotel Porto.

A few of the most popular hotels near City Walls include Hotel Astoria, Hotel Vardar, and Hotel Marija.

Popular hotels close to the Bay of Kotor include Hotel Astoria, Hotel Vardar, and Hotel Porto In.

Popular luxury hotels in Kotor include Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort and Huma Kotor Bay Hotel.

Popular cheap hotels in Kotor include Hotel Vardar, Boutique Hotel Hippocampus, and Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro.

Many families that traveled to Kotor enjoyed staying at Hotel Astoria, Hotel Vardar, and Hotel Forza Terra.

Hotels that are highly rated by couples include Art Hotel Galathea, Hotel Aurel Coast, and Boutique Hotel Hippocampus.