Best hotels Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

The 8 best hotels in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Hotels in Sveti Stefan whisper tales of luxury against the backdrop of azure seas and medieval charm.

Nestled along Montenegro’s enchanting coastline, hotels in Sveti Stefan epitomize seaside sophistication. Perched between the azure Adriatic and lush mountains, these retreats boast breathtaking views and a harmonious blend of history and opulence. From the renowned Aman Sveti Stefan resort, with its historic island fortress, to boutique gems like Hotel Adrović, each hotel is a unique chapter in the coastal narrative. With luxurious accommodations, delectable cuisine, and access to private beaches, hotels in Sveti Stefan ensure a harmonious blend of tradition and sophistication for every discerning traveler.

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Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Best hotels in Sveti Stefan

1. Vivid Blue Serenity Resort

Vivid Blue Serenity Resort. best hotels sveti stefan, montenegro

© Vivid Blue Serenity Resort

The resort’s Mediterranean setting is perfectly complemented by its carefully designed contours that blend into the surroundings. With its serene haven and breathtaking natural beauty, Vivid Blue fosters a priceless balance with the environment. The newest resort on the Riviera is surrounded by a gorgeous blue sea, enticing beaches, and an amazing landscape covered in evergreen vegetation. Rising out of the sun-drenched Adriatic horizon, this luxurious 4-star hotel promises an incredible vacation experience that will surpass the expectations of even the pickiest travelers. Luxurious amenities and outstanding design combine with a sophisticated, modern-meets-Mediterranean hotel concept to create the perfect setting for a relaxing stay.

2. Maestral Hotel & Casino

Maestral Hotel & Casino, best hotels sveti stefan

© Maestral Hotel & Casino

Embark on a journey into opulence at the esteemed Maestral Casino! Nestled in an idyllic Mediterranean locale, the 5-star Resort & Casino Maestral beckons with its fusion of luxury and contemporary charm. With 205 chic rooms, the most affording captivating sea vistas, and all adorned with balconies, the allure extends to a lavish wellness and spa. Venture to the private sandy beach, equipped for modern comfort, or sculpt your physique in the state-of-the-art fitness center. Hotel Maestral is enticed with a diverse culinary opportunity, establishing itself as the epitome of gastronomic indulgence. The best casino in Montenegro awaits within the very heart of the hotel. Indulge in an all-encompassing experience.

3. Villa Geba Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Villa Geba

© Boutique Hotel Villa Geba

Perched on the Sveti Stefan hillside, Villa Geba Boutique Hotel descends gracefully to pristine pebble beaches and the iconic attraction of Montenegro – Sveti Stefan Island. A mere 5-minute descent via scenic stairs leads to Sveti Stefan Beach, renowned among the best in Montenegro. From rich dark hues to creamy whites, modern oriental to opulent loft, and minimalistic Mediterranean styles, every suite is a unique experience. Muse Restaurant & Bar, with its panoramic allure, transforms dining into a gastronomic and aesthetic journey. Mediterranean flavors, exquisite presentation, live music, and a breathtaking Sveti Stefan Island panorama converge to enchant every sense.

4. Ānanti Resort

Ānanti Resort, Montenegro

© Ānanti Resort

Step into the lap of luxury at the 5-star Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club in Sveti Stefan. Nestled in the picturesque Rezevici inlet, the resort exudes exclusivity with TerraMar Restaurant, Panorama Caffe, and Spa and wellness facilities. The secluded Ānanti Beach Club and private beach, accessible solely to resort guests, offers a haven for relaxation and water activities. The Sunset Beach Bar and Grill, amidst the Adriatic sunshine, serves champagne, cocktails, and freshly prepared light menus. The resort beckons with holistic revitalization techniques, including hot pools, jacuzzis, saunas, and steam rooms, providing a serene space for recalibrating body and spirit.

5. Aman Sveti Stefan

Aman Sveti Stefan

© Aman Sveti Stefan

Nestled in a coastal haven sprawled across 80 acres, Aman Sveti Stefan embraces Montenegro’s legacy with a meticulously preserved 15th-century island fortress and the 19th-century Villa Miločer on the mainland. The resort unveils the allure of Queen’s Beach, a private gem beside an emerald lagoon, while three pools and pink-sand beaches, among the Adriatic’s finest, offer alternative aquatic escapes. Montenegro’s epitome of beauty, the islet of Sveti Stefan, overlooked by Villa Miločer, once Queen Marija Karađorđević’s abode, offers elegant suites. Accommodations extend to 15th-century stone houses, unifying to create the unparalleled Aman Sveti Stefan, a harmonious blend of history and luxury.

6. Hotel Azimut Sveti Stefan

Hotel Azimut Sveti Stefan

© Hotel Azimut

Experience a new level of elegance at Hotel Azimut, a haven meticulously crafted for comfort and exclusivity. Lavishly adorned rooms, thoughtfully furnished and exuding modern elegance, promise the utmost in comfort, catering to even the most discerning visitor. The room’s inviting palette of warm ambient colors ensures a comforting ambiance, while a balcony gracing views of Sveti Stefan island elevates your stay. Despite its classification as a small luxury hotel, Hotel Azimut surprises with a gamut of amenities, including a secluded swimming pool and spa. No compilation of hotels in Sveti Stefan is complete without the inclusion of the incomparable Hotel Azimut.

7. Hotel California by Aycon

Hotel California by Aycon, sveti stefan, montenegro

© Hotel California

Discover the enchantment of Hotel California, a distinctive gem along Montenegro’s breathtaking Mediterranean shoreline. This unique beachfront haven stands out as a small luxury hotel, skillfully blending hedonistic services to provide an unparalleled yet affordable beach escape for both adults and children. Situated between the awe-inspiring Montenegrin mountains and the unspoiled Mediterranean beach with panoramic views of the Sveti Stefan Peninsula, Hotel California crafts a five-star experience for every budget. Just a stone’s throw away lies the world-renowned Sveti Stefan beach, complemented by the hotel’s private beach exclusively dedicated to guests.

8. Hotel Adrović

Hotel Adrović

© Hotel Adrović

Merely a leisurely three-minute stroll from the shoreline, Hotel Adrović graces a prestigious perch, gazing over the Sveti Stefan old town. The accommodations, tastefully adorned and luxuriously comfortable, ensure a tranquil night’s rest alongside top-notch facilities and services. Relax on the captivating terraces of the cafés and restaurants, treating yourself to panoramic vistas of the Budva Riviera. Nestled in a serene neighborhood, the hotel offers complimentary parking with camera surveillance. Indulge your palate with mouth-watering Montenegrin cuisine featuring homemade specialties and an extensive array of international dishes. Hotel Adrović seamlessly combines proximity to the beach with elevated comfort and culinary delights.

Learn more about Sveti Stefan

Along the captivating Adriatic coastline, Sveti Stefan stands out as a peerless gem. Connected by a slender causeway, this fortified island village, adorned with 15th-century stone villas, presides over a pristine pink-sand beach and the alluring turquoise embrace of the sea. Once a nationalized treasure, it now resides within the opulent embrace of the Aman resort, its secrets reserved for guests. Yet, the admiration is free for all, earning Sveti Stefan the title of Montenegro’s most photographed site.

The allure of Sveti Stefan lies in its invitation to surrender to the horizontal bliss interrupted only by refreshing dips into swiftly deepening waters. The pinkish-pebbled sands, inconspicuous against the breathtaking panorama, make for a trivial concern when your gaze is fixed on the iconic island. A vacation on Sveti Stefan beach promises a picture-perfect experience, drawing countless visitors from across the globe to bask in its spectacular allure.

Best hotels in Sveti Stefan FAQs

Some of the most popular hotels close to the city center include Maestral Hotel & Casino, Hotel Adrović, and Hotel Azimut.

Popular luxury hotels in Sveti Stefan include Maestral Hotel & Casino, Ānanti Resort, and Vivid Blue Serenity Resort.

Popular cheap hotels in Sveti Stefan include Hotel Adrović, Hotel California, and Hotel Azimut.

Many families that traveled to Sveti Stefan enjoyed staying at Hotel California, Ānanti Resort, and Vivid Blue Serenity Resort.

Hotels that are highly rated by couples include Vivid Blue Serenity Resort, Ānanti Resort, and Maestral Hotel & Casino.

Hotels that received excellent reviews for the best spa center in Sveti Stefan include Vivid Blue Serenity Resort, Ānanti Resort, and Maestral Hotel & Casino.

The best hotels with a pool in Sveti Stefan include Vivid Blue Serenity Resort, Ānanti Resort, and Maestral Hotel & Casino.

The most popular hotels on the beach include Hotel Azimut, Hotel California, and Maestral Hotel & Casino.