Hotels Portorož, Slovenia

The 12 best hotels in Portorož, Slovenia

Hotels in Portorož are seaside sanctuaries where the whispers of the Adriatic Sea lull you into a realm of luxury and coastal charm.

From luxurious beachfront resorts to charming boutique accommodations, each hotel provides a unique experience. Hotels in Portorož offer a blend of coastal elegance and modern comfort, catering to every traveler’s need.  With stunning views, top-notch amenities, and warm hospitality, hotels in Portorož ensure an unforgettable stay by the Adriatic Sea.

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Portorož, Slovenia

Best hotels in Portorož

1. Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož

Hotel Kempinski Palace Portorož

© Hotel Kempinski Palace

Nestled in the heart of Portorož, the five-star luxury hotel, Kempinski Palace Portorož, seamlessly blends historic charm with modern opulence. As you enter this iconic hotel in Portorož, heritage effortlessly intertwines with contemporary flair. Treat yourself to tantalizing culinary delights, bespoke spa experiences, and an array of activities in the enchanting surroundings of Slovene Istria. Kempinski Palace Portorož has long been hailed as Istria’s culinary gem, where skilled chefs delight guests with an extraordinary array of flavors. Immerse yourself in the luxurious ambiance of the Rose Spa, where top-tier wellness services await within elegantly designed surroundings.

2. Remisens Bel Moretto

Remisens Bel Moretto, best hotels Portorož, Slovenia

© Remisens Bel Moretto

In the heart of Portorož, the Remisens Casa Bel Moretto serves as an annex to the renowned Remisens Hotel Metropol. Positioned in the vibrant hub of Slovenia’s famed summer resort, it’s just a leisurely stroll from both the town center and the captivating Adriatic Sea. Surrounded by lush greenery, it provides an idyllic backdrop for rejuvenation and tranquility. Each of the 69 rooms offers a private balcony, inviting guests to soak in the refreshing sea breeze and panoramic views. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, the Remisens Casa Bel Moretto promises an unforgettable stay immersed in the charm of coastal Slovenia.

3. Hotel Vile Park

Hotel Vile Park

© Hotel Vile Park

Situated in the heart of Portorož, Hotel Ville Park boasts a prime location next to the historic St. Bernardin monastery church, lending it its name. Perched right on the beachfront, this hotel comprises five charming villas housing 217 inviting rooms. With main tourist attractions, shops, and restaurants within easy reach, it serves as the perfect base for exploring the summer resort. Indulge in comfortable accommodation across 195 rooms, complemented by a wellness center and an inviting outdoor pool on-site. For aquatic adventures, Aqua Park Laguna Bernardin awaits nearby, ensuring endless fun for guests of all ages. Experience the essence of seaside bliss at Hotel Ville Park.

4. Hotel Histrion

Hotel Histrion, hotels Portorož, Slovenia

© Hotel Histrion

For weary travelers in Portoroz, Hotel Histrion offers a perfect sanctuary. Renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and proximity to top restaurants, it ensures a delightful stay. Guest rooms boast modern amenities like air conditioning and minibars, with free Wi-Fi. With a 24-hour front desk, concierge, and room service, convenience is paramount. Relax by the pool or savor a complimentary breakfast. Free parking awaits guests as well. Explore nearby attractions like Župnijska cerkev Device Marije Rožnovenske and Avditorij Portorož. Indulge in seafood delights at Ribja Kantina or Gasthaus Ribic. Hotel Histrion, a tempting hotel in Portoroz, promises a memorable visit.

5. Grand Hotel Bernardin

Grand Hotel Bernardin, best hotels Portorož, Slovenia

© Grand Hotel Bernardin

Step into a world where the sea and sky merge seamlessly, enveloping you in comfort and elegance at the exquisite 5-star Grand Hotel Bernardin. Here, every glance offers vistas of the boundless blue sea, a serene backdrop to your stay. Delight your palate with exclusive Istrian culinary delights paired perfectly with the region’s finest wines. Luxuriate in heavenly wellness treatments and unwind amidst seawater pools, where each sunset paints a picturesque scene. With an exclusive private beach just steps away, Grand Hotel Bernardin ensures that every moment is imbued with the essence of a holiday paradise, leaving you longing to return.

6. Hotel Riviera

Hotel Riviera Portorož

© Hotel Riviera Portorož

Perched on the stunning Gulf of Piran, the Riviera Hotel epitomizes contemporary elegance. Its prime location near the hotel’s beach ensures easy access to seaside bliss. Dive into relaxation with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, boasting heated seawater for added comfort. Indulge in the rejuvenating treatments of the Wai Thai Center, offering traditional Thai massages. Step onto the enchanting Mediterranean Mystica terrace, where magic dances on the sea breeze. Riviera Hotel is your sanctuary for complete rejuvenation of body and spirit, ideal for summer get-togethers, memorable events, and fairy-tale weddings. Experience unparalleled serenity and luxury against the backdrop of panoramic coastal vistas.

7. Remisens Hotel Metropol

Remisens Hotel Metropol

© Remisens Hotel Metropol

Experience unparalleled service and a plethora of exclusive amenities at the Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol, promising a truly unforgettable holiday. Perched atop the hill of Sv. Lovrenc, commands breathtaking views of Portorož and the Marina Portorož below. Catering to discerning travelers seeking more from their getaway, it offers an array of services and facilities. Guests revel in the vibrant offerings of nearby Portorož, while the hotel’s pièce de résistance is the renowned Grand Casino Portorož, adding a touch of charm and elegance to its nightlife. Immerse yourself in the luxurious offerings of the Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol, where every moment is crafted for indulgence.

8. Boutique Hotel Portorose

Boutique Hotel Portorose

© Boutique Hotel Portorose

Located by the sea, tennis courts, and Casino, Boutique Hotel Portorose offers unparalleled comfort and individuality. Experience top-tier service, exquisite culinary delights, and a luxurious spa center. A seaside oasis awaits, surpassing every expectation. Retreat to rooms adorned with starlit views and sea breezes, offering double rooms, suites, deluxe suites, and presidential apartments. Indulge in the Spa Center Portorose, featuring indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, and a range of traditional and modern treatments. Let the harmony of nature envelop you as you use the finest massages and beauty treatments. Boutique Hotel Portorose ensures a stay beyond compare, where every moment is crafted for indulgence.

9. Remisens Casa Rosa

Remisens Casa Rosa, hotels Portorož

© Remisens Casa Rosa

The Remisens Premium Casa Rosa serves as an annex to the Remisens Premium Hotel Metropol, granting guests access to its amenities. Nestled near the beach and just a short stroll from the center, Casa Rosa enjoys a picturesque setting on the hill of Sv. Lovrenc. Families seeking adventure and beach fun in Portorož Bay find their ideal haven here. While children explore the dedicated play area, adults can test their fortunes at the nearby Casino Portorož. With lush greenery framing stunning views of Portorož and the Marina, Remisens Premium Casa Rosa promises memorable moments for every guest.

10. Grand Hotel Portorož

Grand Hotel Portorož

© Grand Hotel Portorož

Grand Hotel Portorož stands as a beacon of exclusivity in the heart of Portorož, mere steps from the sea. Its refurbished rooms blend elegance with the rich heritage of salt panning and Piran’s history. Enjoy access to a prestigious private beach, bask in the sun on the terrace, and savor top-quality Mediterranean cuisine. Experience warm hospitality from hotel seasoned staff, steeped in traditional Mediterranean charm. Directly linked to Terme Portorož, Europe’s most comprehensive spa destination, the hotel offers unrivaled wellness experiences. Indulge in a sanctuary of luxury where every detail speaks to the essence of refined living and rejuvenation.

11. Hotel Mirna

Hotel Mirna, hotels Portorož

© Hotel Mirna

Welcome to Portorož’s ultimate social hub. This modern hotel in Portorož is tailor-made for mingling with loved ones. Bask in the sun on the terrace with its inviting swimming pool, or let loose in the green playground area. Inside, the contemporary lobby beckons with its plethora of board games. Despite its proximity to the sea, the hotel boasts its outdoor pool. Plus, enjoy direct access to thermal and wellness bliss. With numerous opportunities for socializing, connecting with friends, family, and colleagues is effortless. Don’t forget to play board games from the hotel’s innovative lobby for quality time spent with your loved ones.

12. Hotel Slovenija

Hotel Slovenija

© Hotel Slovenija

Imagine waking to the gentle whispers of the sea, embraced by the sun’s warmth on your terrace. In Hotel Slovenija modernity meets traditional hospitality, where the art of salt making unfolds. Superior comfort awaits, complemented by panoramic views of the Gulf of Piran. Fully renovated, Hotel Slovenija boasts 144 rooms, offering guests a sanctuary of relaxation and mindfulness. As part of a modern winter spa resort, guests enjoy access to the private Meduza Exclusive beach and thermal pools. An internal connection leads to Terme Portoroz, housing seven centers with Europe’s most comprehensive medical and wellness offerings.

Learn more about Portorož

Portorož, nestled on Slovenia’s sun-kissed Adriatic coast, embodies a rich tapestry of culture and tradition woven through its heritage and present-day vibrancy. Rooted in salt production, its history is etched in the fabric of the town, evident in landmarks like the Church of St. Bernardin.

Today, Portorož pulses with life, offering a fusion of cosmopolitan charm and coastal allure. Portorož beckons travelers to experience its cultural richness, natural beauty, and modern sophistication, promising an unforgettable journey along the Adriatic shores of Slovenia.

Delve into maritime history at the Maritime Museum Piran. Venture outside to Sečovlje Salt Pans, preserving ancient salt-making techniques. Nearby, picturesque Piran beckons with Venetian charm. Don’t miss the adrenaline rush at Strunjan Cliff or the tranquil beauty of Fiesa Lake. Portorož offers a diverse array of experiences for every traveler.

Best hotels in Portorož FAQs

Kempinski Palace Portorož, Hotel Slovenija, and Grand Hotel Portorož are some of the most popular hotels for travelers looking to stay near Portorož Beach.

A few of the most popular hotels near Casino Riviera are Kempinski Palace Portorož, Hotel Slovenija, and Grand Hotel Portorož.

Popular cheap hotels in Portorož include Hotel Marko and Remisens Casa Rosa.

Kempinski Palace Portorož, Hotel Slovenija, and Grand Hotel Portorož have a spa and received excellent reviews from travelers in Portorož.

Kempinski Palace Portorož, Grand Hotel Portorož, and Hotel Marko all received great reviews from families traveling in Portorož.

Popular hotels by the beach in Portorož include Hotel Slovenija, Grand Hotel Portorož and Hotel Marko.

Kempinski Palace Portorož, Remisens Bel Moretto, and Kempinski Palace Portorož received great reviews from travelers looking for a romantic hotel in Portorož.

Some of the most popular hotels with a pool in Portorož include Kempinski Palace Portorož, Hotel Slovenija, and Grand Hotel Portorož.