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The 11 best hotels in Bologna, Italy

Where history whispers through cobblestone streets, hotels in Bologna become enchanting time capsules, blending modern comfort with the timeless allure of the city’s past.

Hotels in Bologna blend historic charm with modern comforts, reflecting the city’s rich cultural tapestry. Nestled in the heart of Italy, Bologna offers a charming array of hotels blending modern comforts with historical allure. From boutique hotels in the city center to luxurious options boasting traditional Italian hospitality, Hotels in Bologna promise a delightful stay amidst its rich cultural heritage.

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Bologna, Neptun, Italy

Best hotels in Bologna

1. Grand Hotel Majestic già Baglioni

Grand Hotel Majestic già Baglioni, best hotels Bologna

© Grand Hotel Majestic

Bologna’s esteemed hotel, boasting a century-long legacy, enchants guests with opulent interiors adorned with antique treasures and exquisite artworks. Nestled in the city’s vibrant core, its allure is further heightened by a splendid restaurant bedecked with Carracci school frescoes, fostering an inviting ambiance for unforgettable sojourns. Strategically positioned opposite Bologna’s resplendent cathedral, along a bustling pedestrianized thoroughfare, it offers unparalleled access to the bustling heart of the city. Just a leisurely two-minute away lies the majestic Piazza Maggiore, while the hotel’s historic edifice, once a seminary under the tutelage of Pope Benedict XIV, has gracefully transitioned into a luxury hotel over a century ago.

2. Hotel Corona d’Oro

Hotel Corona d'Oro Bologna

© Hotel Corona d’Oro

Amidst the bustling tapestry of Bologna’s medieval hub lies a tranquil hotel, offering respite amidst the city’s vibrant bustle. An ideal hotel in Bologna for intermittent respites during urban explorations, its classic yet cozy rooms boast modern amenities. Adorned with ornate antiques and delicate orchids, the lobby lounge exudes timeless elegance, crowned by a glass dome ceiling. Centrally located, it stands a mere two-minute stroll from the iconic towers and a leisurely five-minute walk from the famed Piazza Maggiore. Tucked away on a quiet side street, the hotel exudes an aura of serenity, a soothing oasis amid the bustling throngs just beyond its doors.

3. Hotel Touring

Hotel Touring

© Hotel Touring

Nestled discreetly in a central yet serene locale lies a charming family-operated hotel, that exudes warmth and hospitality. Boasting contemporary interiors meticulously maintained, hotel offers a tranquil rooftop terrace with breathtaking city and hill views, along with a cozy lounge featuring a crackling fireplace during winter months. Positioned along a peaceful side street, mere steps from the iconic San Domenico church adorned with Michelangelo’s masterpieces, and within a leisurely 10-minute stroll from the city’s main attractions, it epitomizes convenience and comfort. The enduring cheerfulness and genuine hospitality of the Stegani family ensures a delightful stay for all who stay here.

4. Hotel Metropolitan

Hotel Metropolitan Bologna

© Hotel Metropolitan

Since 1950, Hotel Metropolitan has extended warm hospitality to visitors of Bologna, whether for business or leisure. Situated in the city center, just a stone’s throw from the Train Station and Piazza Maggiore, the quiet enclave on Via Independenza offers convenience for shoppers and culture enthusiasts alike. Surrounded by diverse dining options, theaters, and upscale venues, guests are spoiled for choice for an enchanting evening. Nestled within the medieval heart of Bologna, the hotel’s Panoramic Terrace on the 5th floor, the Roof Garden, offers a magical place to relax. Here, amidst an elegant yet relaxed ambiance, drink aperitifs and watch the magnificent sunset.

5. Hotel Cavour

Hotel Cavour, Best hotels Bologna Italy

© Hotel Cavour

Within a splendid 16th-century palace along one of Bologna’s most iconic streets, Hotel Cavour epitomizes timeless elegance. Following an extensive renovation, the hotel reopened its doors, enhancing both bedrooms and common areas. Embracing the hospitality of yesteryears, guests are welcomed into an ambiance reminiscent of home, amidst exposed beam ceilings, Vietri ceramics, and marble mosaics. The tranquil internal courtyard further enhances the allure of this refined hotel, situated in one of Bologna’s most enchanting neighborhoods. Located on a quaint side street off Via Indipendenza, mere steps from bustling Piazza Maggiore, the hotel strikes the perfect balance between serenity and vibrancy, catering to every traveler’s discerning taste and preferences.

6. Casa Bertagni

Casa Bertagni, hotels Bologna

© Casa Bertagni

Crafted to evoke the warmth of home, the charming Casa Bertagni, once a private abode, achieves its aim through attentive hospitality and a whimsical fusion of antique and modern aesthetics. Nestled serenely within Bologna’s academic quarter, it offers easy access to key landmarks like the Pinacoteca Nazionale and the iconic Two Towers, a leisurely 15-minute stroll away. Paying homage to the city’s architectural heritage, the internal courtyard and grand staircase showcase quintessential Bolognese design. Here, antiques from the Vincenzi family’s collection intertwine with contemporary flair, lending a unique charm. Guests may even purchase select antiques, adding a personal touch to their stay.

7. Art Hotel Orologio

Art Hotel Orologio Bologna

© Art Hotel Orologio

Located in the heart of historic Bologna, this cozy hotel boasts a central location just steps from Piazza Maggiore. With its welcoming ambiance and eclectic decor, highlighted by a captivating assortment of clocks, it offers a charming retreat for exploration. Conveniently situated around the corner from the main square, guests enjoy easy access despite the pedestrianized zone, making arrival hassle-free. The hotel’s quirky charm extends from its 19th-century facade to whimsical touches like a reception image from the Hubble space station and an intriguing clock collection adorning the interior. For those seeking a memorable stay amid Bologna’s rich tapestry of culture and history, look no further.

8. Art Hotel Commercianti

Art Hotel Commercianti Bologna

© Art Hotel Commercianti

Imbued with the essence of bygone eras, this historic hotel in Bologna resides within a medieval former town hall, nestled alongside Bologna’s primary church. Themed rooms unveil lesser-known facets of the city’s past, complemented by an exquisite array of art and antiques. Situated in a tranquil alley just steps from Piazza Maggiore, it epitomizes centrality, adjacent to the majestic San Petronio church. Dating back to the 11th century, the hotel predates its iconic neighbor, once hosting esteemed city council members, scholars, and local luminaries. Embracing hospitality for over a century, it stands as a testament to the Orsi family’s enduring legacy, spanning three generations.

9. Aemilia Hotel Bologna

Aemilia Hotel Bologna

© Aemilia Hotel

A leisure stroll from the city center unveils the hotel Aemilia, sumptuous king-sized beds, and a breathtaking rooftop retreat offering panoramic vistas, sun-drenched loungers, and a soothing hot tub. Despite its unassuming location near Sant’Orsola Hospital, the location strikes a harmonious balance, offering proximity to the city’s pulse without the bustling crowds. Adorned in a palette of brown and cream, the interiors exude a hint of corporate sophistication, akin to a well-kept chain hotel, yet ensure utmost comfort. Anticipate a heartfelt reception from the hotel team, and well-informed staff, dedicated to ensuring a memorable and accommodating stay.

10. I Portici Hotel

I Portici Hotel

© I Portici Hotel

I Portici Hotel presents an immersive journey for all senses, where harmonious spaces converge with exemplary service. Rediscover the allure of meticulously restored Liberty style frescoes, spanning an impressive 1500 square meters, blending seamlessly with refined atmospheres. Within the hotel, elegant Italian and international design coalesce with haute cuisine and captivating light displays, offering avant-garde comforts. As a beacon in Bologna’s gastronomic landscape, I Portici Hotel sets the standard for culinary excellence and sensory indulgence, inviting guests to savor a symphony of flavors and experiences that linger long after departure. I Portici Hotel presents one of the most unique hotels in Bologna.

11. Art Hotel Novecento

Art Hotel Novecento

© Art Hotel Novecento

One of the finest hotels in Bologna, the hotel Novecento is perfectly situated for exploring Bologna’s myriad attractions, from historic landmarks to bustling markets and delectable eateries. For an indulgent experience, opt for a luxurious top-floor suite or one of the exclusive design apartments overlooking the charming piazza. Adorned with an alluring Art Deco façade, the hotel’s interior exudes sleek sophistication, drawing inspiration from Vienna Secession with its clean lines and contemporary aesthetic. Each room reflects the hotel’s distinctive ambiance, featuring a harmonious blend of neutral tones, glossy black wood, and vibrant accents, enhanced by eclectic contemporary artwork.

Learn more about Bologna

Bologna, a vibrant gem in northern Italy, weaves a tapestry of past and present, showcasing its rich history, tradition, and heritage at every turn. As one of Italy’s oldest cities, Bologna’s roots stretch back to Etruscan times, evolving into a medieval powerhouse renowned for its university, the oldest in the Western world.

Its historic center, adorned with terracotta-hued buildings and intricate porticoes, whispers tales of scholars and artisans who once walked its cobblestone streets. Visitors can explore landmarks like the Two Towers, symbols of Bologna’s medieval prosperity, and the majestic Basilica di San Petronio.

Beyond the city, verdant hillsides dotted with vineyards invite wine enthusiasts, while nearby Ravenna boasts UNESCO-listed mosaics. Bologna’s blend of ancient charm and contemporary flair promises an unforgettable journey through Italy’s cultural heart.

Best hotels in Bologna FAQs

Some of the most popular hotels close to the city center include Art Hotel Orologio, Hotel Corona d’Oro, and Grand Hotel Majestic Gia Baglioni.

Art Hotel Orologio, Hotel Corona d’Oro, and Grand Hotel Majestic Gia Baglioni are some of the most popular hotels for travelers looking to stay near Piazza Maggiore.

Popular hotels close to Le Due Torri Torre degli Asinell include Art Hotel Orologio, Hotel Corona d’Oro, and Grand Hotel Majestic Gia Baglioni.

Popular cheap hotels in Bologna include Il Canale Hotel, Hotel Porta San Mamolo, and Hotel Maggiore.

Aemilia Hotel, Savhotel, and Art Hotel Orologio all received great reviews from families traveling in Bologna.

Hotels that are highly rated by couples include Art Hotel Orologio, Hotel Touring, and Hotel Corona d’Oro.

Some of the most popular hotels with a pool in Bologna include Relais Bellaria Hotel & Congressi, Savoia Hotel Regency, and The Social Hub Bologna.