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The 12 best hotels in Venice, Italy

Hotels in Venice, these magnificent structures, cradle guests in the embrace of centuries-old allure and romantic whispers from the canals.

Each of the hotels in Venice is a cultural embrace within the city’s romantic labyrinth of canals. From opulent palazzos to boutique hotels, they embody the city’s rich history. Overlooking famous landmarks or nestled in quiet alleys, hotels in Venice promise a unique blend of luxury, authenticity, and Venetian allure.

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Best hotels in Venice

1. The St. Regis Venice

The St. Regis Venice, best hotels in Venice

© The St. Regis

Along the Grand Canal, just west of the iconic St. Mark’s Square, lie some of Venice’s most renowned luxury hotels. Among them, St. Regis reigns supreme, adorned with an abundance of balconies overlooking the sea. Should your desire be an intimate connection with the magnificent Santa Maria della Salute Basilica, this hotel in Venice is an ideal choice for you. Undergoing a substantial renovation, it shed traditional brocades, unveiling bright spaces. Eager to allure a younger, culturally attuned clientele, it now houses contemporary art, including masterpieces from top Venetian glass artisans.

2. Aman Venice

Aman venice

© Hotel Aman

Formerly Palazzo Papadopoli, this 19th-century gem welcomes guests via a water entrance into a grand reception adorned with marble chequered flooring and original frescoes. Nestled discreetly in San Polo, yet positioned at the heart of the city, the Aman Venice invites strolls to both the Rialto Bridge and the San Tomà or San Silvestro traghetto, facilitating effortless exploration of St. Mark’s Square and the San Marco district. Adorned with Murano chandeliers, the hotel’s charm extends to a side garden where exceptional rabbit cappelletti delights the palate – a fusion of the refined Asian aesthetic of the Aman brand and the cultivated taste of the Italian count and former proprietors.

3. Hotel Palazzo Stern

Hotel Palazzo Stern, best hotels Venice

© Palazzo Stern

Bucking the trend of high-end price tags on Grand Canal-side terraces, Palazzo Stern stands as a boutique gem, blending charm with an enviable location. Nestled in a Belle Époque palazzo, it exudes a whimsical Gothic allure. The rooftop terrace, adorned with a whirlpool tub, offers vistas reaching the Dolomites – a potentially perfect spot for a proposal. For those who prefer strolling, St Mark’s Basilica is a mere 15-minute walk away. Despite its Gothic appearance, Palazzo Stern reveals itself as a delightful Belle Époque pastiche, featuring twirly Fortuny lamps, coffered ceilings, marble lions, Oriental carpets, and Murano chandeliers.

4. Hotel Londra Palace

Hotel Londra Palace Venice

© Londra Palace

On lively Riva degli Schiavoni, The Londra Palace boasts unrivaled views near St Mark’s Square. Service is exceptionally attentive, and rooms exude elegant decor. The renowned restaurant attracts both local and global patrons. Positioned moments from St Mark’s, the hotel’s vista spans San Giorgio Maggiore and Santa Maria della Salute churches. Interiors meticulously craft a late 19th-century ambiance, adorned with gold-leafed walls and a reception desk showcasing a 16th-century Venetian lagoon depiction. With 100 windows facing San Marco Basin, the interiors are unusually luminous, a rarity in Venice where many palazzos overlook narrow canals, enhancing the hotel’s allure.

5. Novecento Boutique Hotel

Novecento Boutique Hotel Venice Italy

© Novecento Boutique Hotel

Novecento, a charming boutique hotel, exudes a welcoming aura, strategically positioned just a stone’s throw from the bustling artery to Piazza San Marco. It wraps you in a conspiratorial embrace, like sharing a monumental secret. The interior is an exquisite fusion of magnificent furnishings, blended in warm, earthy hues, adorned with sumptuous fabrics, and in soft, ambient light. Despite the snugness of the rooms, the overall symbiosis of ambiance compensates, making the compactness inconsequential. Staying here is an investment in a unique experience, ensuring you depart feeling that your expenditure was judicious because staying here transcends mere accommodation.

6. Canaletto Luxury Suites

Canaletto Luxury Suites

© Canaletto Luxury Suites

Nestled within the Venice Clock Tower, the five opulent deluxe suites of Canaletto Luxury Suites offer a spellbinding retreat. Occupying the historic residence of the famed Venetian painter Canaletto, directly overlooking San Marco Square, these suites echo the very streets he immortalized. Classical-style antique furnishings seamlessly meld with contemporary portraits, defining the Canaletto Luxury Suites with unparalleled class. Amidst elegant draperies, parquet floors, and Murano glass lamps, each suite is a magical option. Spread across entire building floors, they boast modern comforts and feature a Sauna with chromotherapy, elevating the allure of these splendid accommodations for an enchanting dream vacation.

7. The Gritti Palace

The Gritti Palace, best hotels in Venice, Italy

© The Gritti Palace

Positioned on the Grand Canal’s lower reaches, The Gritti attracts elite travelers to the 15th-century palazzo, that has been transformed into a hotel in 1895. Brimming with antiques, frescoes, and discreetly integrated technology, the interior exudes splendor. A hidden gem, it houses a culinary school and a sublime spa. Overlooking the Grand Canal, it offers a captivating panorama of Santa Maria della Salute and historic warehouses, now home to the Punta della Dogana contemporary art space. Named after its 16th-century owner, Doge Andrea Gritti, the palazzo, dating back to 1475, seamlessly transitioned into a hotel, etching its legacy since 1895.

8. Grand Hotel dei Dogi

Grand Hotel dei Dogi

© Grand Hotel dei Dogi

Grand Hotel Dei Dogi is removed from the melee of St Mark’s and quietly dazzles with its 16th-century architecture. The inviting cocktail bar, indulgent spa and al fresco restaurant make this a rare relaxing retreat in busy Venice. Capturing the opulence of historic Venice, Grand Hotel dei Dogi occupies a Palladian-style neoclassical palace with a lavish two-story entry hall that stretches from the front facade to the private walled garden opposite. The hotel’s best feature is its vast botanical garden, a lush oasis of more than 400 plants and delightful walking paths, adding to the overall sense of an exclusive and blissfully silent retreat.

9. Al Ponte Antico

Al Ponte Antico, hotels Venice, Italy

© Al Ponte Antico

In the heart of Venice, this hotel is a joyous tapestry of Venetian style. Bedrooms exude opulence with an abundance of velvet and brocade, while the central living room opens onto a charming terrace boasting panoramic views of the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge. The welcoming ambiance is curated by the friendly owner and staff, making guests feel right at home. Situated just north of the Rialto Bridge, the hotel’s land entrance lies on a serene, narrow street, a hidden gem off the bustling thoroughfares. Throughout, exuberant Louis XV-inspired decor prevails, from the padded reception desk to the old-rose first-floor lounge.

10. Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri

Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri, Venice, Italy hotels

© Palazzo Morosini degli Spezieri

The hotel is housed in a meticulously renovated 15th-century palace, once a hub for spice trading. Nestled in a residential enclave, yet centrally located near landmarks like the Rialto Bridge and Frari Church, the location seamlessly blends convenience and authenticity. The nearby San Tomà traghetto provides swift access to St Mark’s Square and the San Marco district. Meticulously renovated from top to bottom, the palazzo showcases a minimalist style, clean lines, and a vibrant palette curated by local owners who personally selected each furnishing. Reflecting Venice’s trading history, each hotel room is named after a spice traded in the city during the 12th century.

11. Al Ponte Mocenigo

Al Ponte Mocenigo

© Al Ponte Mocenigo

Al Ponte Mocenigo, a remarkable three-star hotel in Venice, transcends its category with unexpected comforts—stylish, spacious, and reasonably priced. The proprietors, Valter and Sandro, extend a genuinely warm welcome. Uniqueness sets Al Ponte Mocenigo apart, drawing a diverse crowd from budget travelers to Venice regulars, families, and solo explorers, all basking in a sense of safety and homely comfort. Situated by the San Stae Vaporetto stop, this hotel offers a seamless immersion into the city’s history, amplified by the presence of a splendidly carved marble well in the courtyard, ensuring an authentic Venetian experience without stepping beyond the hotel’s threshold.

12. Corte di Gabriela

Corte di Gabriela

© Corte di Gabriela

In a 19th-century palazzo, Corte di Gabriela, a unique boutique hotel, effortlessly blends contemporary flair with industrial-style elements and bursts of vibrant color. This is a style devoid of pretension, warm, sophisticated, and inviting. A major highlight is the superb breakfast, a compelling draw for many repeat guests. Let’s not forget the charming courtyard, adorned with Paola Navone, designed furniture, an antique marble wellhead, and the welcoming shade of an ancient wisteria plant, it’s an ideal haven for serene contemplation. The thoughtful selection of luxurious chocolates at the dinner adds a sweet note to your stay.

Learn more about Venice

Venice, a floating masterpiece, marries a storied past with a captivating present. Venetian architecture, an intricate dance of Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance styles, unfolds tales of opulence along the Grand Canal and in the iconic St. Mark’s Square.

A city born from maritime might, Venice’s history whispers through labyrinthine streets and historic landmarks like the Doge’s Palace and Rialto Bridge. Tradition resonates in the vivid Carnival, ancient glass-blowing on Murano, and the timeless allure of gondola rides.

Hospitality is etched in the city’s DNA, from charming boutique hotels to opulent palazzos, enveloping visitors in a warm embrace. In Venice, every bridge and canal, every basilica and mask, is a testament to a city that defies time, eternally weaving its past into an ever-evolving tapestry.

Best hotels in Venice FAQ

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