Lake Vrana – Nature Park with sea view

Rarely does nature provide so much pleasure to humans as Lake Vrana, the largest natural lake in Croatia. If you prefer a physically less demanding way of enjoying the world of nature, Lake Vrana is the perfect place for you. Lake is located in the immediate vicinity of the Adriatic sea. Due to the preservation of a large area of ​​the lake and endangered bird habitats, the lake is an ornithological paradise. It is included in the list of important ornithological areas in Europe.

Between the city of Zadar and Šibenik, in the center of Dalmatia, you will encounter a natural phenomenon of two equally beautiful, and yet so many different blues. On the one hand, the indented Adriatic coast opens up, and on the other, there is a view of the largest natural lake in Croatia and one of the rare, almost untouched natural habitats of waterfowl – Lake Vrana. The beautiful lake belongs to a group of eleven nature parks of the Republic of Croatia and was declared a nature park in 1999. Rarely will you be able to experience such a special experience of water diversity at such a short distance. The richness of Lake Vrana also lies in the diversity of flora and fauna.

Vransko Jezero Nature Park, Croatia, Pakostane

Lake Vrana is an oasis of peace for birds

Lake a is a real example of true beauty, and it is also a rare example of crypto-depression, a habitat for many bird species, and an ornithological reserve important for the whole of Europe. Many endangered birds have found refuge there, and for about 100,000 waterfowl, Lake Vrana is a wintering ground. All seasons are suitable for bird watching, but spring and summer are the most fascinating thanks to a large number of species and colors in nature. This is an oasis of peace, and animal lovers have the opportunity to see many species in their natural habitat. Apart from recreation and education, sport fishing and cycling are also very popular here.

Ornithological reserve, Vrana lake, birdsOrnithological reserve, Vrana lake, Pakostane, Croatia

Ornithological reserve

Vrana Lake is one of the best places for bird watching in Croatia. The most valuable part of the park, in biological and ecological terms, is the ornithological reserve. It rests and feeds many migratory birds during the migration from cold European regions to warm Africa, and back. Spending time on the lakes and watching the birds will not disappoint you no matter what season you choose. However, the final time to visit would be spring and autumn when you will be rewarded with the most diverse bird world. Today’s small ornithological reserve is a remnant of a former tenfold larger wetland area.

Vrana Lake Nature Park wooden trails, ornithological reserveWetland area. Lake Croatia

Lookout Kamenjak

The Kamenjak lookout point offers unforgettable views of the entire Lake Vrana, the fields that surround it, the Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands, the island of Murter, Pirovac, Drage and Pakoštane. When you’re on the lookout, you can read interesting information on educational boards or sit back and enjoy the view from one of the stone benches. You can even use a telescope and spot the entire archipelago in front of you. In addition, you will find two more great stations, a souvenir shop, and everyone’s favorite tasting room. In the Kamenjak tasting room, you can sip a cold glass of homemade wine or taste many delicious types of cheese and olive oil. The sea, the sky, the lake and the islands create amazing panorama views that make it so easy to forget everything else and indulge in pure enjoyment.

Lookout Kamenjak, Vrana Lake

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