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Dubrovnik Cable Car: Travel guide for 2024, tickets & tours

Dubrovnik Cable Car

The Dubrovnik Cable Car is one of the best draws when sightseeing in the city. The beautiful panoramic views from Mount Srd are breathtaking and just out of this world.

Without question, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubrovnik is taking the cable car up Mount Srd. While driving or walking are options, taking a cable car journey is the best way to see Dubrovnik from above.

Admire the breathtaking views of the many islands, the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, and the majestic Old Town of Dubrovnik. Grab a meal, beverage, or light bite at the restaurant while taking in views of the old downtown.

Everybody enjoys a wonderful view, wherever in the world they may wander around. There’s nowhere better to get a better perspective of Dubrovnik than from the top of a mountain. This is our guide to the Dubrovnik Cable Car!

Dubrovnik Cable Car srđ

About Dubrovnik Cable Car

The famous Dubrovnik Cable Car offers an exhilarating ride in a bright orange box, taking passengers high above the Old Town and up to the peak of Mount Srd. Despite its steep fee, the experience is well worth it. As you ascend, the picturesque view of the Adriatic Sea dominates the horizon, making the Old Town seem to disappear before your eyes.

In just five minutes, with a slight bump midway through (which may elicit some loud reactions!), you will reach the top and witness the reason why countless visitors flock here every year. While it may be expensive, riding on this cable car is a definite must for anyone seeking to fully experience Croatia’s most beautiful city.

Be prepared for a line when arriving at the station to purchase tickets, as this is currently Dubrovnik’s second most popular tourist attraction (following only behind its walls). During peak season, which is typically summer, waiting times can exceed half an hour due to limited capacity – only two cars are available and each can hold a maximum of 32 passengers per trip.

Dubrovnik Cable Car Tickets

History of the Dubrovnik Cable Car

In 1969, Dubrovnik Cable Car was established as the sole cable station in the entire Adriatic region, accommodating approximately 15 passengers at a time. As a result, people from all around the world flocked to experience the journey to Mount Srd and take in the picturesque views of Dubrovnik. The first cable car was destroyed in the Homeland War in 1991. Rebuilt, it reopened in July 2010, 19 years later. The Cable Car offers a breathtaking view of up to 60 kilometers!

This is why the 19th-century Imperial Fortress, visible during your ascent to the highest point of the mountain, was constructed in its specific location. The French occupants built multiple fortresses surrounding Dubrovnik for defensive purposes. Similar to other protective structures, Fort Imperial’s placement serves as a strategic vantage point for safeguarding the city.

Dubrovnik Cable Car Specs

  • Cable car ride duration: 3:30 min
  • Cabin’s Capacity: Usually 32 people
  • Empty cabin’s weight: 3100 kg
  • Ride speed: 6.5 m/s
  • Empty cabin weight: 3100 kg
  • Cabin weight with passengers: 5500 kg


Dubrovnik Cable Car

Dubrovnik Cable Car Tickets

Ticket prices vary depending on the type of trip and age. Before purchasing your ticket, make sure you check the prices and choose the trip type you want to do. Kids can ride the cable car as well! It’s a favorite activity for kids in Dubrovnik. At the cable car station, you can purchase your tickets with Euro or by credit card. You need to know that foreign currencies are not accepted. So, be sure to change your money before getting your ticket. It will save you a lot of time!

For a guided tour to Dubrovnik Cable Car check Viator.

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Best Dubrovnik Cable Car Guided Tours

Explore Dubrovnik by Cable Car

Take the cable car up Mount Srd, which rises above the city, for incredible views of its medieval walls. Make the most of your time in Dubrovnik with this all-inclusive package. You’ll see Onofrio’s Fountain and the Cathedral of the Assumption along the way to admire Dubrovnik’s limestone architecture and charming streets.

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Dubrovnik Shore Excursion: Explore Dubrovnik by Cable Car

Book this fun, informative guided shore excursion from your ship so you can take advantage of the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. The tall rocky mountain towering over the Old Town of Dubrovnik provides jaw-dropping views, and you will stroll with your guide through the streets, stopping at the town’s famed sites and landmarks, and discovering the town’s fascinating history as you go.

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Dubrovnik Super Saver: Cable Car Ride and Old Town Walking Tour plus City Walls

Maximize your budget with the Dubrovnik Super Saver. This package includes a cable car ride to Mout Srd and a guided walking tour of the Old Town and city walls. Enjoy stunning views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic from the spacious and comfortable cable car as you ascend to Mout Srd. Then, embark on an informative walking tour of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed site in the Old Town before heading to the medieval fortifications of the city walls. Feel free to explore this historic section at your own pace, and rest assured that entrance tickets will be provided at the end of your guided tour.

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Dubrovnik Cable Car Location

The Cable Car station is located at Ulica Kralja Petra Krešimira IV. 10A. It’s only a short distance away from the Old Town. It can be reached with a 10-minute walk using pedestrian sidewalks from Ploče or Pile gates, which wrap around the walls. Alternatively, you can take a shorter route by climbing the stairs from Stradun towards Buža gate and then making your way across the parking lot towards the station. Whichever path you choose, it’s hard to miss – just look up and follow the orange blobs in the air. For cruise ship passengers arriving at Dubrovnik Port, taking local bus number 8 or a taxi is the easiest way to reach the Cable Car.

What to do at the top of Mount Srd?

Enjoy the view of Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Once you arrive at the top of Mount Srd, there are many things to do! For example, the cable car ride to the top is already an incredible experience! You will be able to glimpse the turquoise Adriatic Sea and the Old Town, with its narrow streets and terracotta rooftops, as it vanishes. The most popular activity is to take in aerial views of Dubrovnik!

You can capture pictures of the Adriatic Sea’s glistening clarity. The problem is that most people overlook the craggy mountains of Dubrovnik behind them in favor of taking pictures of the seashore. Turn quickly to see breathtaking vistas of the mountains. Additionally, Mount Srd has solar-powered charging benches in case your battery runs out!

Imperial Fort Dubrovnik

Take a lunch at Panorama Restaurant

Your energy may be drained on the ride to Mount Srd, particularly in the summertime. Thus, it’s worthwhile visiting the Panorama Restaurant if you’re hungry or thirsty! At the station, there’s the Panorama Restaurant and Bar. Its name alone suggests that it offers 360-degree views over Dubrovnik. Thus, you may sit and have a soft drink or lunch while admiring the scenery!

The restaurant’s motif revolves around seafood. There are, nevertheless, numerous additional foreign cuisines. In addition to the restaurants, shops, and views, the cable car station has a souvenir shop where you may purchase unique souvenirs to bring home.

Panorama Restaurant and Bar Dubrovnik

Explore Imperial Fort 

The Imperial Fort was built in the nineteenth century by Napoleon. Today is home to a museum displaying the history of Dubrovnik during the 1990s civil war. The top station of the cable car is located near Imperial Fort, which was largely destroyed and burned during the most intense fighting in 1991. The Imperial Fort is well worth visiting. Even if you are not interested in war history, the stunning views of Dubrovnik will not leave you indifferent.

Imperial Fort Napoleon Fortica Dubrovnik Srđ

Visit the Museum of Contemporary History

The Museum of Contemporary History, situated within the Imperial Fortress on Srd Hill, served as the last line of defense for Dubrovnik during the 1991-1995 conflict. Among its 500 exhibits are various items dating back to the city’s defense, although not all pertain specifically to the war. The fortress itself was built by French and Austrian forces following the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic in order to protect the strategic location.

Museum of Contemporary History Dubrovnik

Hiking to Mount Srd

Located behind Dubrovnik’s old town, Mount Srd serves as an iconic backdrop, and hiking to its peak is a highly recommended activity. For the best experience, we suggest embarking on this hike in the late afternoon or early evening, when the sun is not at its strongest. This timing allows for a sunset arrival and a chance to witness the Dubrovnik turn into a golden masterpiece beneath your feet. Trust us, it’s truly stunning.

Hiking Mount Srd Dubrovnik

Driving to the top of Mount Srd

While the cable car tickets may be pricey, there’s no need to consider driving up to Mount Srd in your rental car for a free ride. Although it is possible to reach the summit by driving, we do not recommend it for inexperienced drivers due to the narrow, winding road with steep inclines and parts without barriers. Many people ask if they should opt for driving instead of taking the cable car, considering the cost and potentially long lines during peak times. However, we strongly advise against it.

Not only is it expensive and time-consuming for a family, but also risky in terms of potential damage to your car with its high excess fee. The safer and more enjoyable option is to take the Dubrovnik Cable Car – one of the city’s top attractions!


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