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The 8 best hotels in Umag, Croatia

Hotels in Umag are seaside sanctuaries, where the echo of waves orchestrates a melody of relaxation and Istrian charm.

Nestled along Umag’s pristine coastline, hotels attract with a blend of elegance and Adriatic allure. Offering resplendent sea views, hotels in Umag seamlessly fuse modern comfort with coastal charm. From intimate family hotels to expansive resorts, hotels in Umag are a gateway to diverse experiences, where sun-drenched beaches, delectable cuisine, and cultural experience await, promising a tapestry of memories against the backdrop of the azure Adriatic.

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Best hotels in Umag

1. Hotel Garden Istra

Hotel Garden Istra

© Hotel Garden Istra

As a four-star hotel that caters to family vacations, Garden Istra Plava Laguna will provide twice the fun and happiness for families who enjoy recreational vacations. The interior is furnished in a rustic Istrian village style, with numerous lavender and olive trees throughout. With a bar on one end and reception on the other, the lobby looks like a small village square, but the rooms are cozy and urban. With nightly entertainment on the terrace and a clubhouse close to the pool complex, Garden Istra offers an exciting kids’ program to delight young guests.

2. Hotel Umag

Hotel Umag Plava Laguna

© Hotel Plava Laguna

Hotel Umag is a four-star hotel, only a short distance from the beach. The majority of the rooms have a view of the sea. Wood furnishings throughout each room create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for indulging in room service on a lazy day. Activities for other days can include cycling and visiting a different Istrian village each day. Join one of the hotel’s exercise programs, work out at the gym, or take a swim in the heated pool or on the beach. If diving into the Adriatic’s blue depths is your thing, the diving school is not far away.

3. Hotel Coral

Hotel Coral Umag croatia

© Hotel Coral

Hotel Coral is a four-star hotel that welcomes guests who appreciate fine dining, well-crafted cocktails, a la carte Mediterranean restaurants, and opulent wellness treatments. This hotel, located just outside of Umag in a pine forest beside the beach, combines elegance and luxury. Everything is set up with the visitors’ privacy and tranquility in mind. Holidaymakers seeking plenty of activities will have an unforgettable experience, as the hotel offers tennis courts and various sports facilities. With its massaging baths, saunas, and wellness center offering a variety of rituals, treatments, and massages, hotel Coral is the perfect place to unwind and indulge.

4. Hotel Aurora

Hotel Aurora best hotels in umag

© Hotel Aurora

With its all-inclusive package, Hotel Aurora offers everything you need for a worry-free vacation, including a pool shaded by an olive tree, a paved beach with loungers just two minutes from the hotel, and another, sandy beach nearby for children. The rooms are well-furnished and roomy. However, if you request a sea view room, keep in mind that there will be evening entertainment on the terrace. Sample amazing food at the hotel’s restaurant, then unwind with a drink by the pool. Free bikes are provided in the hotel, allowing you to reach Umag in fifteen minutes.

5. Hotel Sipar

Hotel Sipar Umag

© Hotel Sipar

A great place to start your vacation in Umag is the 4-star Sipar beachfront hotel, which features views of the sea and minimalist elegance. To add even more special touches to your summertime moments, lounge by the pool on the sundeck that is decorated with wooden elements and Mediterranean plants. Take a stroll through Umag and explore all of its historical sites, churches, vibrant cafes, and nightlife. For those days when you just can’t bring yourself to go outside, room service is also available. The list of the best hotels in Umag wouldn’t be complete without hotel Sipar.

6. Residence Umag

Residence Umag

© Residence Umag

Residence Umag comprises 86 meticulously adorned rooms, boasting balconies capable of hosting an expansive family. Embracing the charm of its main hotel – hotel Umag, guests can enjoy access to wellness and fitness, an indoor pool, eclectic dining venues, and activities tailored for both young and adults. Venture inland on a cycling escapade, uncovering Roman remnants, traversing ancient train tracks, or reveling in the warmth of quaint taverns serving local Malvazija whites and Teran reds. For those seeking a golfing, a spacious golf field is located nearby. Relax, savor, and immerse yourself in the essence of this Umag’s coastal hotel.

7. Hotel Villa Rosetta

Hotel Villa Rosetta best hotels umag

© Hotel Villa Rosetta

Gaze upon the boundless beauty and harmony of the sea, an omnipresent force that defines the strength of Villa Rosetta’s wellness. The proximity of the sea permeates the very essence of this hotel, its rhythmic sounds and invigorating scent seamlessly infiltrate the rooms. A beach at your doorstep fosters a unique symbiosis with the sea, an experience exclusive to this coastal hotel in Umag. Situated a mere 3 km away from the hotel lies the Golf Club Adriatic, an 18-hole golf field with panoramic views where the hotel gladly secures your term upon request and tailors packages to suit your desires.

8. Hotel Natura Vilanija

Hotel Natura Vilanija

© Hotel Natura Vilanija

The very name of Hotel Natura offers a glimpse into its idyllic setting and the myriad perks awaiting its guests. If you revel in the embrace of nature and seek serenity, Hotel Natura beckons. This family-owned hotel boasts a poolside oasis, an expansive sun deck, a rejuvenating salt room, a sauna, and a jacuzzi. The on-site restaurant crafts local delicacies, complemented by a poolside buffet showcasing regional homemade delights each morning. Ensuring your stay is more than mere relaxation and culinary indulgence, Hotel Natura curates a spectrum of activities.

Learn more about Umag

Nestled on the north-western coast of Istria, Umag stands as ‘Croatia’s gateway to Europe,’ a small town with a colossal reputation as the Istrian sports hub. Renowned for hosting the tennis ATP tournament, which magnetizes global tennis players.

Umag emerges as Croatia’s holiday gem, gracing the north of Istria with an irresistibly quaint old town and a tapestry of attractions. Along its coastline, idyllic beaches await exploration, offering soul-soothing retreats. Venture inland to discover romantic mountain hamlets, vineyard-draped landscapes, and olive groves.

A vacation here is an immersive odyssey, accentuated by diverse activities and an array of splendid accommodations, making Umag an unparalleled Mediterranean holiday choice. When you come to Umag unveils a mosaic of allure, diversity, and a tourist bounty that serves as a captivating prologue to the Mediterranean’s distinctive charm.

Best hotels in Umag FAQs

Some of the most popular hotels close to the city center include Hotel Umag, Istrian Villas, and Hotel Garden Istra.

Popular resorts in Umag include Hotel Garden Istra, Istrian Villas, and Hotel Aurora.

Popular cheap hotels in Umag include Hotel Sipar, Hotel Natura Vilanija, and Residence Umag.

Many families that traveled to Umag enjoyed staying at Hotel Umag, Hotel Garden Istra, and Istrian Villas.

Hotels that are highly rated by couples include Hotel Coral, Istrian Villas, and Hotel Garden Istra.

Hotels that received excellent reviews for the best spa center in Umag include Hotel Umag, Hotel Garden Istra, and Hotel Coral.

The best hotels with a pool include Hotel Umag, Hotel Garden Istra, and Hotel Coral.

The most popular hotels on the beach include Hotel Umag, Hotel Garden Istra, and Hotel Coral.