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The 9 best hotels in Korčula, Croatia

Hotels in Korčula, where history whispers through cobblestone streets are not just places to stay, they are portals to a timeless Mediterranean enchantment.

Discover exquisite hotels in Korčula, each a sanctuary of luxury and charm. Nestled amidst ancient stone buildings and overlooking azure waters, hotels in Korčula promise a blend of modern comforts and historic allure. Experience the beauty of the Adriatic while immersing yourself in the island’s rich cultural heritage.

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Island Korčula, Croatia

Best hotels in Korčula

1. Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel

Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel, best hotels in korčula, croatia

© Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel

Nestled along Korčula’s scenic promenade, the Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel occupies a prime spot, mere steps from the bustling port and historic old town. Dating back to 1912, it stands as the island’s inaugural hotel, its elegant café serving as a hub of social activity through the ages. Meticulously refurbished, it retains the allure of its illustrious past. For those yearning for a vintage retreat exuding genuine charm and impeccable hospitality, the Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel beckons, promising an unforgettable sojourn amid the enchanting vistas of Korčula. This hotel deserves the first place on our list of the best hotels in Korčula.

2. Lešić Dimitri Palace

Lešić Dimitri Palace

© Lešić Dimitri Palace

Located in the heart of Korčula’s old town, Lešić Dimitri Palace, with its Michelin-starred restaurant, exudes refined elegance, a testament to the destination’s rich history and culture. Embracing the fusion of tradition and innovation, this boutique hotel offers six distinctive and generously appointed suites, alongside a restaurant and spa. Crafted by a collaborative team of Asian and Croatian architects and designers, the suites draw inspiration from the island’s legendary figure, Marco Polo, and his legendary travels along the Silk Road, purportedly commencing from this picturesque locale. Immerse yourself in luxury and heritage at Lešić Dimitri Palace, where every corner narrates a tale of timeless beauty and adventure.

3. Tara’s Lodge Hotel

Tara's Lodge Hotel, Korčula hotels, Croatia

© Tara’s Lodge Hotel

Along the serene coastline, Tara’s Lodge stands as a magnificent boutique hotel, offering an idyllic escape where guests can bask in the sunshine mere moments from the pristine pebbled shore or unwind beneath shaded umbrellas beside the pool, commanding breathtaking vistas of the bay. A brief drive transports you to the heart of Korcula’s storied old town, teeming with charming cafés and quaint boutiques. This timeless hotel presents sweeping panoramas, with each room and suite boasting terraces or balconies adorned with expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows that unveil lush verdant gardens and, in some cases, enchanting sea panoramas.

4. Port 9 Resort

Port 9 Hotel Resort, Korčula, Croatia

© Port 9 Resort

Majestically overlooking a picturesque turquoise bay on the enchanting island of Korčula, this four-star hotel nestles amidst verdant Mediterranean woodlands, offering a range of accommodations including rooms and apartments. Conveniently situated by the tranquil seaside, a leisurely 30-minute coastal stroll unveils the medieval charms of Korčula’s Old Town. Additionally, guests can indulge in various recreational pursuits, from tennis and volleyball to basketball and table tennis, with equipment readily available for hire. For the adventurous souls, bicycles and canoes beckon exploration, while an on-site scuba diving center promises thrilling underwater adventures, ensuring an unforgettable holiday experience amidst the natural splendor of Korčula.

5. Hotel Liburna

Hotel Liburna Korčula

© Hotel Liburna

Perched elegantly by the waterfront, this contemporary hotel offers captivating vistas of Korčula’s storied Old Town and the rugged Pelješac slopes across the bay. Featuring 112 well-appointed rooms, a buffet restaurant boasting a generous sea-view terrace, and a picturesque pebble-and-rock beachfront complemented by an inviting outdoor pool, it serves as an ideal retreat for families and couples alike. The hotel is Named after the esteemed liburna vessel of the Roman navy, symbolized in its logo. A circular outdoor seawater pool, fringed by sun loungers, pristine parasols, and two clay tennis courts, further enhances the guest experience, ensuring a memorable stay on the enchanting island of Korčula.

6. Moro Inn

Moro Inn

© Moro Inn

The hotel Moro Inn, a mere stone’s throw from the old town of Korčula, serves as an ideal launchpad for exploring the enchanting islets of the Korčula Archipelago, including Badija, Vrnik, and Stupe. Boasting a sleek, contemporary design and top-notch amenities, this hotel on Korčula promises a stylish and comfortable retreat. Rest assured, the hotel’s dedicated staff are here to ensure your stay is nothing short of exceptional, providing friendly and attentive service every step of the way. From the moment you arrive, embark on a journey of discovery and relaxation, as you uncover the hidden gems of Korčula’s surrounding islands, guided by the warm hospitality of Moro Inn.

7. Marko Polo Hotel

Marko Polo Hotel

© Marko Polo Hotel

Embark on a journey of discovery through Dalmatia’s treasures and Korčula with the Marko Polo Hotel by Aminess as your gracious host. Indulge your senses on the terrace, where local flavors mingle with breathtaking vistas of Korčula’s Renaissance charm and the azure sea beyond. Whether lounging poolside with cocktails or immersing in the Adriatic’s embrace, the hotel promises the epitome of Mediterranean allure, with the beach just a minute’s stroll away and an open-air terrace boasting outdoor pools, a soothing hot tub, and a poolside bar all overlooking the majestic old town of Korčula.

8. Hotel Korsal

Hotel Korsal

© Hotel Korsal

Alongside a pristine beach in a tranquil locale, Hotel Korsal invites you to experience the essence of relaxation in the millennia-old town of Korčula. Indulge in the luxury of meticulously appointed rooms, adorned with natural materials and boasting vistas of the sea or verdant gardens, ensuring a stay of unparalleled comfort and quality. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history, surrounded by pristine nature, sun-kissed shores, and a myriad of engaging activities. Delight in the flavors of Southern Dalmatia on the inviting terrace of the hotel’s restaurant, mere steps from the gently lapping waves of the sea.

9. The Fabris

The Fabris

© The Fabris

Within Korčula Old Town, this boutique hotel inhabits two meticulously restored ancient stone buildings. Its 20 rooms blend centuries-old stone and wood with contemporary flair. Breakfast unfolds on a terrace framed by palm trees, offering glimpses of the sea amidst Korčula’s medieval fortifications. The main building, housing reception, graces the outskirts of the medieval-walled Old Town, affording serene views of a quaint public garden and the sea beyond. Exuding romance and discretion, the hotel’s reception seamlessly integrates into the cozy ambiance of the café-restaurant, boasting a rustic flagstone floor and inviting wooden beamed ceiling, inviting guests to savor moments of tranquility amid Korčula’s historic charm.

Learn more about Korčula

Nestled in the Adriatic Sea, Korčula Island stands as a timeless testament to Croatia’s rich cultural tapestry. Steeped in legend, this enchanting isle is famed as the birthplace of Marco Polo, its cobblestone streets bearing witness to centuries of Venetian influence.

With a history dating back to ancient times, this enchanting island boasts a legacy steeped in tradition and heritage. Wander through Korčula Town’s labyrinthine alleys, adorned with medieval fortifications and Renaissance architecture, and marvel at St. Mark’s Cathedral’s intricate stone carvings.

Beyond the island’s shores, discover the verdant oasis of Mljet National Park or journey to the ancient city of Dubrovnik, renowned for its imposing city walls and baroque architecture. Surrounding the island, discover hidden coves and pristine beaches, perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

Delight in local delicacies at seaside taverns, savoring fresh seafood and fine wines. From the ancient past to the vibrant present, Korčula invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and enchantment.

Best hotels in Korčula FAQs

Hotel Korsal, Korcula Heritage Hotel, and Liburna Hotel are some of the most popular hotels for travelers looking to stay near Korčula Old Town.

Popular cheap hotels in Korčula Island include Liburna Hotel and Moro Inn.

Korcula Heritage Hotel, Liburna Hotel, and Tara’s Lodge Hotel all received great reviews from families traveling in Korčula.

Hotel Korsal, Tara’s Lodge Hotel and Korcula Heritage Hotel received great reviews from travelers looking for a romantic hotel in Korčula.

Popular hotels by the beach in Korčula include Hotel Korsal, Tara’s Lodge Hotel, and Korcula Heritage Hotel.

Some of the most popular hotels with a pool in Korčula include Tara’s Lodge Hotel, Liburna Hotel, and Marko Polo Hotel.

Some of the most popular pet-friendly hotels in Korčula Island are Korcula Heritage Hotel and Liburna Hotel.